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how to maintain staff relationships?



My ex and I broke up after a domestic violence dispute because of a two week restraining order. I moved cities away because I wanted a fresh start. He did not contact me. Nine months after, I contacted him to get some closure. It was wonderful to talk to him after the separation. He had been working with an anger management group, and I was working with a therapist for my anger issues. We were able to acknowledge that we didn’t have any methods to handle conflict resolution in a healthy way. We had gotten resentful, and worse and worse behavior started occurring when we fought.
I know reuniting with an ex is delicate to manage, and when there is an incident with the law, it only gets more delicate. However, we have been back together for ten months and just moved back in together after the help of [email protected] or website: I’m glad we both saw our potential and had the chance to work on behavior issues with professionals without the involvement of the other, thanks again Lord Afar for job well done.
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