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What to do with children in the car during a long trip?

A long trip with young children in the car can turn out to be an emotionally, mentally, and physically exhausting experience. However, if you follow some of the valuable tips listed below, your trip will not only be less tiresome, but also more enjoyable.

Children’s DVDs/Movies

Play a long children’s DVD or movie on your laptop or a DVD player. This ensures that you while away several hours with the children during your long trip in the car. Bring along an extra set of earphones if you have children of varying age groups.

Read children’s books

Reading books to a bunch of curious and energetic children in the car during a long trip offers you an extremely satisfying experience. You should select the books which the children love the most. Plan to keep the children distracted for several hours by reading to them from their favorite books. Besides, you can encourage them to take turns in reading the books you’ve brought.

Play with your child

it may be a game, it may be singing, playing in the theater

Comfort toys for younger children

Distract the children with a teddy bear or a soft blanket. The younger children may be tempted to snuggle down quietly and comfortably for some time. Encourage the children to engage in playing “pat-a-cake” and “peek-a-boo” with blankets and soft toys.

Electronic games

Handheld electronic games are tremendously popular with older children and are guaranteed to keep them intently engaged for long hours. Pack several sets of earphones so that your children’s games don’t disturb you and cause discomfort. A long car trip is an ideal time to invest in a newly released electronic game. This will certainly ensure that you can enjoy a peaceful journey.

Your seating arrangements should be flexible

You should permit the children to sit by the adult whom they’re fond of and not insist on them sitting at any specific spot. A long trip presents a great opportunity for children to share stories and jokes with their favorite uncles and aunts.

Take a variety of healthy snacks

A variety of healthy snacks keeps children entertained, distracted, and occupied. During a long trip, you should pack generous quantities of your children’s favorite snacks. However, opt for the healthiest snacks among the available ones. Celery pieces, carrot sticks, gummy bears, and unsalted nuts are a few of the healthy snacks you should pack.

Show them some movies

On a laptop, or get the a video player with dual lcd screens.

Coloring books

Coloring books make for a great source of distraction during a long car journey. Crayola’s “Color Wonder” paper and markers is unquestionably the children’s most preferred coloring tool. They’re especially good as the markers can be used only on Color Wonder paper. Alternatively, you can purchase equally good low-priced coloring books at local stores.

Reusable sticker books for younger children

These books are good for keeping younger children engaged during a long car trip. These sticker books motivate your children to create new stories, scenes, or blend the stickers together for fun.

Bring along toys and activities that the kids enjoy

Children tend to be hyper-active during daylight hours. You cannot expect them to stay silent during a long trip in a car. Hence, pack some toys and activities in your luggage that you can put to use in keeping the children distracted during the trip.
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