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What are typical Malaysian dishes?



Various types of laksa in Malaysia from south to north or Sarawak. Try any curry laksa or asam laksa

Roti Canai

Kind of bread, crispy and fluffy served with curry sauce. You can even try Roti telur(egg), Roti Bawang(onion), cheese or banana for different flavour.


Not quite a dish, but you should try it, if you dare! ;)

Nasi Lemak

Rice cooked with coconut milk and Pandan leaves as natural aroma

Nasi Kerabu

You might think twice when you see the color of rice, it has blue rice made from petal of flower Kembang Telang. Usually comes with fried chicken or fried fish, ulam(salad), and crackers.


Made from durian flesh after removal of the seeds mixed with salt. Common serve as sambal(sauce) or mixed in dishes like catfish tempoyak

Keropok Lekor

Originated from Terengganu eastern peninsular Malaysia, is made from fish meat mixed with flour. Usually it has to fried and serve with chilli sauce
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