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What are the most important things in life?

Each one of us traverses through life in a different path. Many prefer to live in their comfort zone all their lives, while some others treat life as an adventure. However, one common factor in the lives of all people is that everyone spends time engaged intensely in one activity or the other. The top five things that you spend a major portion of your time every day clearly reflect what you consider as the most important things in life.

Firmly establish a positive self-view

How you view yourself decides the foundation upon which your life is built. Strive to make this foundation a robust one. People who don’t nurture a positive self-view, usually compare themselves with other people, feel immensely insecure about themselves, and are too hyper-sensitive to properly understand the viewpoints of others. Insecure people always make choices that are dependent on other people’s expectations, instead of what’s truly right for them.
On the contrary, having a positive self-view means accepting yourself for the individual who “YOU” truly are and what your beliefs are. It essentially means having the guts to make your own decisions and live your life the way it’s right for you. Regardless of the phase of your life in which you are passing through at present, there may be several areas in your life in which you can improve. For instance, handling negative feedback better is one area all of us need to improve. Hence, firmly establishing a positive self-view is one of the most important things in life.

Stay focused on your purpose, values & dreams

Contemplating on the kind of individual you really want to be and what you expect out of your life will enhance your understanding of yourself. Leading your life based on this understanding will imbibe a sense of peace, fulfillment, and purpose.

Invest time in your relationships with family & friends

You’ll never regret the time you’ve invested in your relationships – whether it’s close friendships or relationships with the opposite sex. When you don’t spend adequate time and nurture your relationships carefully, they’ll gradually fade away. All of us hear frequently that family and friends form the most important component of our lives. The evidence supporting this assumption is too overwhelming to dispute. However, as we age, we spend considerably less time with our family and friends. On the other hand, the time we spend in front of the computer and television increases significantly. Well, you now understand the importance of investing your time in your relationships – whether it’s with your spouse, children, friends, parents, or relatives.
This explains the reason for an exponential rise in divorces across most cultures of the world. Divorces result in broken families. Most often, they don’t happen because people intend relationships to end that way. However, the truth is that most people genuinely don’t reflect on what’s really important in their lives. It’s not only important that we spend a significant part of our time with the people we truly love, but also ensure that we’re wholly present (physically, emotionally, and mentally) during that time.

The most important things in life are interdependent

Your Relationships, Health, Values, Self-view, Dreams and Purpose are mutually related and interconnected. All of these excellent virtues directly and overbearingly influence one another.

Your health is precious; invest time in your health

Take care of your health as you’d take care of a young infant. All of us know of people who’ve died young – too young, in fact. Most often, these people hadn’t bothered investing sufficient time in taking care of their health during their time on this planet. Poor health effectively cuts short your time in this world. Besides, poor health doesn’t permit you to enjoy the quality of life you’d like to enjoy.
You must take care of your health if you’re serious about living a long time with a discerning mind and an able body. Unfortunately, people realize the importance of good health only when it deserts them. Consequently, good health is absolutely fundamental and one of the most important things in life. Here, the good news is that you’re able to positively influence your health, and it’s definitely easy.

Your dreams

Your dreams are your aspirations that you desire to experience in life. Do you desire traveling around the world, becoming a world-class sportsperson, or making the world a better place? You should dream every day. Pursue your dreams. Never let your present circumstance hinder you from dreaming what you genuinely hope for. The more positive self-view you have, the brighter your prospects are of accomplishing your dreams.

Your life-purpose

Your life-purpose is the distinctly stated, lofty description, of what you genuinely want to accomplish in your life. Time and reflection are the requisite components that will provide you a better understanding of your life-purpose. Many people don’t understand their life-purpose even after retiring from active employment. Understand your life-purpose. It may be as simple as feeling good, making others feel good, and taking better care of the planet.

Your values

Your values determine how you’d like to live your life and be as an individual. To understand your values, visualize this analogy:
Imagine you are sailing in a boat at night, and the sea is uncharacteristically rough. The weather is terrifying, and you aren’t sure if you’re headed in the right direction. All of a sudden, you see a lighthouse right in front of you at some distance. However, you swiftly steer the boat in the opposite direction and manage to get yourself, the crew, and the boat out of danger.
Values act as lighthouses in your life and help you make outstanding, selfless decisions in life. Develop some of these core values:
• Give
• Love
• Trust
• Learn
• Live
As far as possible, align your values with your life-purpose.

There is no single most important thing in life

You cannot realistically assume that all people around the globe hold the same values. Every person is and has the right to be different.

Family and health

It may be different for different people

What is meaningful and satisfying for me, may be of very little interest for you. On the other hand, things you find the most important, may be extremely boring for me.

Human relationships

That includes family, friends, and the wider community, even the entire planet.
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