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How to write a resume?

A résumé, a form of self-advertisement, shows how your experience, achievements, and skills match the requirements of your potential employer. Learn how to write a resume that may earn you an interview.

Specifically tailor your résumé to suit each job application

Evaluating the job advertisement will help you in understanding the employer’s requirements. If a job advertisement clearly states that applicants should have between 3 to 5 years’ experience, ensure that the version of your résumé to that employer clearly indicates that you meet their requirement.

Spell check and proofread comprehensively

Lastly, it is extremely important to check for spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, and factual errors in your résumé before sending it to your potential employer.

Do your research

Find out as much as possible about the company and the position you are applying for.

Sell yourself

Whether you are preparing a Chronological résumé, Functional résumé, or Combination résumé, it is extremely important to sell yourself. For instance, never tell a potential employer that you just ‘answered phones’ at your previous job. You must tell them that you ‘independently managed a six-line telephone system in a courteous manner'.

Include only relevant work experience

Unless you think your part-time job can be used to demonstrate the skills important for the position.

When preparing your résumé, get creative

Getting creative doesn’t mean using colored fonts. Don’t forget that your potential employer has less than 10 seconds to scan your résumé. You have to impress upon the employer your skills and achievements within this short time interval.

Learn from the internet the different ways to write a resume

There are different types of styles on how you can write a resume. Though some are old, there is no general rule to follow.

Do not lie

Be honest about your skills and capabilities.

Be concise

Do not include all the details about each work experience or course taken.

Chronological résumés

As the name implies, these résumés show a steady growth in a specific career field. Ideally, a Chronological résumé should be used when you are applying for a job within your career-path indicating an increase in order of responsibility over time.

Functional résumés

Functional résumés focus on experience and skills instead of job history. You can use this résumé when there are time gaps in your work history or you have acquired experience by being self-employed in the related field.

Combination résumés

These résumés are a combination of both the functional and chronological résumés. You can use the Combination résumé to showcase particular skills and the manner they were acquired. This résumé is the best option in case you have gained a particular skill set from being employed in a variety of associated fields.

Important features of a Chronological résumé

Listing out your entire employment history is the main requirement of a Chronological résumé. For each of these listings, write an “accomplishments” or “major achievements” section.

Other features of a Chronological résumé

List out all your educational qualifications, mention any special skills or qualifications, and mention your references.

Important features of a Functional résumé

Listing your education history and highlighting your awards and achievements are the main features of a Functional résumé. Additionally, you must mention any special honor that you have received at any company. Mentioning an award received for volunteering is important, as well.

Other features of a Functional résumé

You must create a list of positive traits that you exemplify; for instance, outgoing, diligent, dedicated, team-player, timeliness, or enthusiastic.

Important features of a Combination résumé

There are no strict guidelines or boundaries to be followed in the format of a Combination résumé. Different people have different looking combination résumés. Hence, you must concentrate on what you’re good at. You can focus on creating job titles that will attract the employer’s attention. Additionally, you must use keywords strategically and use action verbs to explain yours accomplishments and responsibilities.
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