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How to write a book?

Do you want to write a book? We have real-life authors who are willing to share some valuable tips that may help you out.

Be persistent

Write constantly. Don’t stop writing when you run out of ideas or the flow of the narrative is not as smooth as you desire. Be persistent. The more you write, the better you’ll get at writing. Stay focused on getting as much of your ideas on paper as you can. You will have plenty of time to revise and edit the diverse approaches you take now.

A good story-line, subject, or topic

Any person who has a good story to tell can perhaps write a book. This could be either for pleasure or for publication. If you have the talent for weaving creative narratives, you can seriously consider writing a novel. Although it may seem quite daunting initially, you can do it. Listed below are some guidelines on how to write a book.

See what you like and dislike in books by other authors

Take frequent breaks to get different ideas

Sometimes, your writing tends to improve with distance. When you return to your book after a refreshing break (one or two days would be ideal), you’ll see more clearly what works and what doesn’t in your manuscript. On the contrary, trying to visualize this when you’re stuck right in the middle of it is definitely a lot harder.

Create your outline

An outline helps you in defining the arc of your entire narrative – the starting, development of characters and plot, the placement of the incidents leading to the conflict or climax, and later the resolution and ending. Once you create an outline for your book, it’s much easier to begin working earnestly on it.

Edit mercilessly

Sometimes, you may have to make drastic changes to the plot of your story for it to make sense. In the case of a non-fiction book, you may have to amputate whole chapters from your book for it to be more specific about your subject. Either way, you have to edit mercilessly to get the desired result – a well-written book.

You can start by writing a diary

Write your book

With a clear idea of your plot and characters, you know the subsequent events. Just tell the reader how the characters moved from page one to page 250! If you are writing a non-fiction book, research extensively about the subject or topic you intend to write. When you have completed your research, write your book.

Find opinions of other people

You must permit other people to read the manuscript of your book. For this, you must select your friends, colleagues, neighbors, or family members. These people can give you invaluable tips and feedback – both negative and positive - which will help you along as you write the book.

Format your book

Books that are poorly organized never get published. No publisher will be willing to publish a fiction book that rambles on and on, or a non-fiction book that has several pages of content irrelevant to the subject. Hence, it’s extremely important for you to ensure that your book is not only interesting and easy-to-read, but also appeals to your chosen audience.

Be prepared to delete what doesn’t work

There’ll be plenty of ideas that just don’t match with the final manuscript. Never be afraid to remove plots, characters, or anything else from your draft if it doesn’t fit into the scheme of things you have in mind. Never be afraid to add fresh characters, perspectives, and elements that bridge gaps and render relevancy to your book. Non-fiction writers shouldn’t be afraid to dig into more facts to back up their statements.

Keep a notebook at hand

Purchase a good quality notebook

While you’ll prefer to type the novel into a computer, this may not always be possible. A notebook is definitely handy when inspiration suddenly strikes when you are outdoors or at a remote location. In such situations, you can make a note of all the ideas that strike you.

Start with something interesting you for example love story, life or questions that always pop up in your mind

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