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How to win in a singing competition?

Do you want to join and win in a singing competition? Then, work on it. Get the services of a good vocal coach, choose a powerful song that you can sing well and sing with intensity and emotion. Want to find out more? Read on.

Get the services of a good vocal coach

Enrolling yourself under a good vocal teacher might cost you a lot, but itís worth the investment. He will give vocal drills to strengthen the muscles involved in singing, teach singing techniques, proper breathing and phrasing as well as tips on how to improve the quality of your voice.

Choose a powerful song that you can sing well

Judges in singing competitions do not base their decisions based on your voice quality alone. They also consider the difficulty of the song and how you deliver it. Choose a song that is appropriate to your vocal range so that you wonít have a hard time reaching the highest or lowest tones.

Sing with intensity and emotion

No matter how beautiful or powerful a song is, it would sound flat and lifeless if you do not inject it with your emotions. Make the audience feel what the song is all about, but take care not to overact.

Choose an attire that best fits the song

This is where some of the best contestants fail. Yes, itís a singing competition, but no, itís not only your voice that the judges take into consideration. They also look at your costume and how confident you are in wearing it. Dress the part!

Be a total performer

The judges start assessing you the moment you step onstage. Walk with confidence and grace, try to appear relaxed during the short interview, and most importantly, hug the limelight. Enjoy the moment!

Connect to the audience

The audience, of course, includes the judges. Establish good eye contact and deliver each line of the song as if youíre a storyteller with a very good story that can make them smile or cry.

Try to overcome stage fright

This is the nemesis of every performer - even famous singers claim that they still experience it at one time or another. Some experts say that putting a rubber band around your wrist or a coin inside your shoes can make you feel better.

Do your vocal drills before the actual performance

Vocal drills are very good warm-ups for your vocal chords. This will prepare your voice for the vocal acrobatics that you are about to perform.

Practice a lot

Practice makes perfect. Sing in front of a mirror and practice your movements. Better yet, sing in front of your family members and friends and ask for their honest feedback.

Muster your courage and just do it

You have prepared well and worked hard for it. Donít buckle up when your name is called. Think, ďThis is the momentĒ, gather all your confidence and sing as if it will be your last performance.

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