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How to warm up properly?

Warming up before an intense workout or training session reduces the risk of muscle strains, sudden cramps, or anything that can result in an injury.

General warm ups are divided into two parts

The joint rotation is the first. Start by rotating the various joints in your body clockwise and anti-clockwise. Begin from your fingers, wrists, and knuckles. Later, move on to the shoulders, elbows, neck, hips, knees, ankles, and toes. Focus more on the joints you are about to use for the training session at hand.

Range of motion is important; not flexibility

During a proper warm-up, the focus should be on improving your range of motion. You must concentrate on flexibility only during warm-down. Range of motion increases the blood circulation to your muscles cells.

Second phase of warm-up: Aerobic activity

Once you have completed the first phase of warm-up, you can begin this. Jogging, skipping, or any other exercise that increases your cardiovascular output and enhances your blood circulation is the ideal aerobic activity.

Focus on your breathing

Another important aspect of warm-up is your breathing. You must concentrate intensely on your breathing. Drawing in deep breaths helps get more oxygen to your muscle cells faster. Good oxygen flow delays the onset of fatigue. Hence, breathing deeply is extremely important during the warm-up.

Swings are excellent warm-up moves

Leg swings coupled with arm swings boost your range of motion adequately. Additionally, these movements loosen up your tight muscles.

Do some stretching

After completing deep breathing exercise, you can start stretching your body. Static stretching is an effective method of doing this. You stand in one place as you begin stretching your body. Reach for your toes. This movement will stretch your back. Avoid sudden jerks. Lean backwards as much as comfortably possible. Stretch your body sideways.

Warm-ups prepare your body

Warm-ups speed your blood circulation and warm your muscles. This prevents injuries or torn muscles.

A good warm-up will boost your confidence

A good warm-up brings your body to the verge of its peak prowess. Warm-up helps you to move fluidly and provides you total control over all movement patterns. This will definitely boost your confidence before you begin your training session or game.

Warm-up exercise takes only 10 minutes

Warming up exercise is absolutely critical before beginning an exercise routine or participating in any sports.

An effective warm-up exercise takes less than 10 minutes to perform and helps your body in attaining peak performance in a short period.

Remember that stretching alone is not warm-up

Most people believe in the misconception that stretching provides sufficient warm-up to your body. This is totally false.
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