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How to warm up for a run?

The best way of revving up your body before a run is to put it through an extensive warm-up. An effective warm-up routine results in enhanced performance and reduces the risk of injury considerably. Without a proper warm-up, you risk pulling your leg muscle. Additionally, take care not to eat heavily before the run.

Do light aerobic exercise

Jogging slowly, walking briskly, taking part in calisthenics, or riding a stationary bike will loosen up your leg muscles and prepare your body for the run. Do the aerobic exercise of your choice for about 10 minutes.

Stretch your body

Start by doing a few easy stretches. Keeping your feet together and knees straight, bend down slowly and touch your toes. Do this several times. Hold the bent position for 15 to 30 seconds.

Do not hurry through the warm-up exercise

Do not build speed quickly. It is important that you warm-up for a run gradually. You can begin by power walking or jogging, and speed up later.

Stretch your legs

Stretch both your legs adequately. Repeat this several times. Failing to do this may result in your legs cramping.

Perform leg lifts

Start performing leg lifts to energize your leg muscles. Performing leg lifts are absolutely important before a run. Exercise you knees and thighs. Swing your foot gently up to your rear. Gently stretch your leg to warm-up the thigh muscles.

Do several crouches

Doing crouches is another extremely important aspect of warm-up before a run. Crouches energize your body and alert it to the impending race ahead.

Begin stretching your body

After completing the aerobic exercise, you can begin stretching your body. Stretch your body comfortably. Do not overstretch. Continue stretching your body for 10 to 15 minutes. Avoid quick jerks, and donít bounce during your stretching exercise.

Stretch your other muscles

Stretch your neck, shoulder, hamstrings, quadriceps, groin area, and calf muscles. Hold each stretch for up to 20 seconds to increase flexibility.

Use a trampoline

If possible, use a trampoline to warm-up for a run. Jumping on a trampoline before your race will fine-tune your leg and abdomen muscles. For a swift runner, the proper warming up of these two muscles is exceedingly important.

Stretching holds the key

Stretching your legs properly before a run is the most important aspect of warming up for a run. Stretching increases your flexibility as well as endurance.
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