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How to use Instagram optimally to promote your business?

Instagram, boasting over 150 million active monthly users, connects you with socially engaged customers. You can use Instagram to tell a mesmeric visual tale about your enterprise.

Start by creating your Instagram Business account

Use the name of your enterprise as your username. Select a username that’s easily ascertainable with your brand. Include a branded photo, a link to your business website, and a concise informative bio in your profile page.

Integrate your account with Facebook

Since Facebook owns Instagram, you must connect both these dynamic social media sites for promoting your marketing campaign. Fashion a prominent Instagram tab on your enterprise’s Facebook page. This helps you to share all your Instagram images with your Facebook fans instantaneously. Using Instagram to promote your business entails integrating your Instagram content on Facebook.

Create a strategy that complements your brand

Focus your enterprise’s Instagram content marketing strategy on your brand’s distinct world-view. Since Instagram is a video and photo sharing platform, you must connect your enterprise with your exclusive “tribe” on Instagram in a special and consistent visual manner. This connection must complement your brand.

Employ Hashtags (#’s) in all your Instagram updates

Hashtags, a key feature of Instagram, helps mobile users find you in their Instagram searches. Unlike Twitter, Instagram does not place any restriction on character count. Avoid employing Hashtags indiscriminately. Employ them optimally so that you don’t appear desperate.

Most effective Hashtags strategies: Use brand specific #

Use distinctly distinguishable Hashtags for different marketing campaigns. For instance, use a distinct Hashtag for your brand’s photo contest on Instagram. This distinguishable Hashtag makes it simpler to promote your contest, as well as, more convenient for your consumers to connect with others. Using a brand specific Hashtag helps you engage your community and exhibit your fan photos.

Most effective Hashtags strategies: Use general Hashtags

Use general Hashtags for your enterprise’s products and lifestyle posts. For instance, if your enterprise deals in pastry, post an image of tempting cakes and cookies, and include Hashtags like #cakes or #cookies.

Use trending Hashtags to market your brand

Most recent trends on Instagram happen at incredible speed and vanish even faster. Hence, stay alert to spot most recent trends, fit them with your brand, and use them optimally. Remember, your innovative eyeballs-grabbing post can be viewed by thousands of interested customers within seconds.

Research for newer engaging Hashtags

Experiment with new and relevant Hashtags constantly. Use your most active Hashtags to connect with users by loving their posts and posting your comments.

Monitor your enterprise’s Hashtags

Your customers use your Hashtags for connecting with you. Therefore, you must check your Instagram Hashtags periodically. Respond to concerns, queries, and comments swiftly. Focus on building happy customer relationships.

Place the spotlight on your followers ? Make them famous

Share the photos of your followers on all your social sites. Take their permission before doing this. This shows them that you genuinely appreciate their cool photos. Consequently, your fans will love your enterprise.

Focus on your customers by embedding your followers’ photos

Instagram facilitates you to embed your Instagram followers’ photos on your business website and other websites, too. Use this feature to exhibit cool images of your enterprise, products, and followers by embedding whole posts. Inform your followers that you’re highlighting their image. This makes them feel appreciated. Acknowledge your followers by “liking” their photos. Engage with them by posting comments on their product related posts.

Track the relevance of all your Instagram Hashtags

Use Nitrogram, the accurate analytics and engagement Instagram platform, for tracking key metrics on all your Hashtags. You get all the information about content, contributors, context, and engagement.

Video memorable brand moments

Enterprises must share their special branded experiences, co-create content with their audiences, highlight their brand advocates, widen their brand’s persona through video, emphasize a particular cause, share noteworthy news, preview upcoming events, and drive promotional awareness. Most importantly, you must leverage Instagram video for creating and promoting videos that display fan appreciation. Capture your enterprise’s highly regarded moments in short 20-second videos. Share these important videos with your followers for conveying a feeling of inclusion.

To promote your business, build pre-launch momentum

Build excitement before launching your enterprise’s new product through Instagram. Titillate your audience with an ultra-short 15-second video. Include behind-the-scenes preparations for the launch of your new product. Ensure that you conceal the most important details of your enterprise’s new product.

Request for comments from your audience

Using Instagram to promote your business entails asking for comments on your enterprise’s short videos and photos. If you seek to enhance engagement with your audience, ask for comments. Questions begin and promote conversations. You could begin by asking questions about your enterprise or products. For instance, you can ask your customers about the best feature they liked about your product. Besides, you can add a unique Hashtag to give your customers a helpful hub to share their photos of how they’re using your products with each other. Do anything to get people talking.

Run Instagram photo contests

Running Instagram photo contests is an essential part of using Instagram to promote your business. Your contest themes must involve getting photos and videos that serve your business objectives. The contest prize must provide the finest incentive for your customers to enter and share with their friends, as well. The right prize that fascinates your customers makes your contest go viral swiftly. For guaranteed success, include a voting element in your enterprise’s Instagram photo contests.

Broaden your enterprise’s exposure to other brands

On Instagram, following other brands is an excellent practice. Use Statigram to find brands and Hashtags associated with your enterprise. Just enter the Hashtag or brand name into the Statigram search box and begin your search. You can use this immensely helpful tool to locate, follow, and study your competitors.

To use Instagram to promote your business, network

On Instagram, photos connect people. Hence, it’s crucial to create a network. Use these useful strategies:
• Engage with your audience ? Like their photos & offer productive comments.
• Follow your existing established followers ? This rule applies specifically to your Facebook fans. It’s applicable for other social media behemoths, too.
• Include your Hashtags ? Use your Twitter and Google+ Hashtags on Instagram, too.

Use Facebook to promote your Instagram photo contests

You can host your enterprise’s photo contests on Instagram employing Hashtags to manage your submissions. Besides, you can use an RSS feed to follow fresh photos as they’re added. For instance, Samsung Camera employed the Hashtag, #LiveInTheMoment, on their Facebook page for promoting their Instagram photo contest successfully.

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