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How to use Google Plus optimally to promote your business?

Google, unquestionably the number one search engine, owns Google+. This vital factor gives your business an inordinate opportunity in ranking favorably.

Complete your enterprise’s Google+ page

Promoting your enterprise in the social media world remains incomplete until you create and complete your enterprise’s Google+ page. Use your prime keywords in your business page. Fill appealing information in the introduction section. This strategy guarantees higher rank and traffic. Complete the Google+ page professionally to attract a larger audience.

Add relevant links generously

Google Plus permits you to add an infinite number of links. Adding relevant links in your enterprise page helps your visitors reach you easily. Choose specific links from your business website, guest posts, and blog posts that visitors will find extremely relevant. Remember, quality links attract more traffic.

Verify your local business

Listing your enterprise page on Google+ gives more opportunity to rank higher once you complete verifying your local business. The space where ads appear is now filled by your Google Maps listing and your business website. Listing your enterprise with Google+ delivers your business a higher traction with search engines. Since Google gives more credence to business websites having quality back-links, your business website will rank higher.

Connect with people

Use Google+ to build your online credibility. Join a community and connect with people sharing the same interests. People in your community will share content that you’ll find relevant. Besides, you can share your posts and comments with them.

Create visually appealing posts

Use images and links to create engaging posts. Google evaluates these links once you post them. Later, the search engines index them. This is a foolproof method of publicizing your new content.

Use interactive tools & features of Google Plus optimally

You can promote your enterprise’s products/services using the largely visual based interactive tools and features that Google+ presents. Regardless of your enterprise’s size or interests, you just need to understand how these innovative tools function to promote your business on Google Plus.

Google Circles

Google+ permits you to segregate individuals based on friendships, relationships, and areas of interest into unique “circles”. You categorize friends into appropriate circles. Circles save time and aid in privacy settings. You can upload specific photos to your preferred circles. Likewise, you can choose to communicate with individuals in all your circles or with a specific individual in a chosen circle.
For instance, if cooking interests you, Google+ empowers you to add applicable individuals into your “Recipe ideas” circle.

Use Google+ Hangouts for video communication

Google Hangouts, group video chats comparable to Skype, permit you to communicate with your employees and clients in real time. Unlike Skype, Google+ permits up to 10 users to communicate for free. This face-to-face Google+ feature allows you to interact real-time with several staff members located at diverse places.

Use Google+ Instant Upload

This feature permits you to upload all your photos and videos automatically to your private Google+ album. These photos and videos can be organized into relevant categories. You can then send the items in your private album to the individuals you desire. Currently, this feature has been enabled only for Android phones.

Use Google+ Huddle

This advanced feature permits you to chat with your employees and customers across diverse platforms. Currently, this special feature is restricted to Android users.

Start a Google+ community to promote your business

A Google+ community is akin to an online forum. Here, you interact with potential customers on mutually interesting topics about your enterprise. You can start a community on a topic that’s relevant to your enterprise. Leverage your Google+ community by reaching out to more customers and extending their influence.
For instance, if you own a Chinese restaurant, you can begin a community in which the members discuss Chinese food.

Increase your ROI instantaneously

Google would definitely value enterprises that use Google+. You will inevitably receive trustworthy back links from Google driven domains. A consistent first page ranking in Google search results increases your ROI instantaneously.

Build social authority

Your followers appreciate and acknowledge the intrinsic value of your content by clicking on the +1 button. Every time this button is clicked, it informs Google of the value of your content. This strong signal suggests Google to rank your links higher. Your customers can click on the +1 button in your business content, videos, blog posts, and other content to show their approval of your work. All these +1’s add to your social authority.

Use the Google Authorship feature

Lately, you might have noticed that Google displays the author’s photo next to their content. Similarly, you can benefit from the Google authorship attribute with Google+. Since your photo gets displayed next to your content, your link stands out. Hence, the probability of people clicking on your content increases tremendously.

Put Google+ on your email signature

Using Google+ on your email signature, business cards, and website announces to the world about your Google Plus presence. The finest method of promoting your business on Google Plus is to ride its popularity optimally. Spend quality time building your network.

Select an easy-to-remember Google+ profile name

You’ll be provided with a unique ID upon setting up your Google+ profile. This is a complex string of numbers that accompanies your profile URL. Nevertheless, this ID is tough to recall. Therefore, use followed by a name that matches your enterprise.

Provide interesting & relevant content

Provide content that serves your audience, as well as, the aims of your enterprise. Ensure that the content on your Google+ page drives potential customers to your business website.

Incorporate a Google+ badge in all your content

Ensure that your potential customers and business website visitors can share your content easily. Towards this end, adding Google+ badges to your entire web content promotes your business on Google Plus.

To promote your business on Google Plus, be proactive

Stay active on Google+ by extending your reach. Endeavor to connect with more people on Google+. To begin with, add all your existing contacts to your Google Circles. Next, use the sophisticated tools Google+ Directory and FindPeopleOnPlus to connect to your potential customers.



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