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How to travel cheap?

Does the idea of traveling thrill you but not your pocket? Read our tips on how to travel cheap so that you can make your dream come true.

Use budget airlines

RyanAir and EasyJet in Europe.

Swap your house/apartment

Staying in someone's house or flat has many advantages, the biggest being you don't have to pay for a hotel room. There are various websites on how to do it.

Popular travel websites for getting best deals

Orbitz, Expedia, Travelocity, Travel Zoo, Side Step, Kayak, Get A Trip, Travelation, and Cheap Tickets are some of the places where you can get up to 80% discount on your flight tickets.

Several cheap traveling options are available

Traveling, considered a luxury by most people, doesn’t always entail spending an exorbitant amount of money on high-priced air tickets and lavish hotels. You can opt for diverse cheaper options that will still permit you to reach your dream destination. Besides, traveling cheap is an amazing method of discovering a new YOU, trying new things, seeing the world, and meeting interesting people.

Become a volunteer

Perhaps not as easy as it sounds, but I heard of people who managed to join NGO-sponsored projects in South-East Asia. They still had to buy their flight tickets themselves, but that's about it.

Overestimate costs & restrict your spending

Running out of money during a trip is embarrassing. Hence, ensure that you have a ready access to more money than you plan to spend. Record your expenses in a notebook — diligently. This not only makes you accountable, but also restricts your spending considerably.

Book tickets in advance at the most optimal time

You should research and understand the best time to book tickets. Generally, international flight tickets are cheapest when they are bought about 3—5 months in advance. Nevertheless, this varies vastly and depends on the specific region you wish to visit. Similarly, the best time for purchasing cheap domestic flight tickets is about six weeks in advance.
Unfortunately, you cannot always make your travel plans months in advance. Notwithstanding, even if you have just a few days before finalizing your travel plans, remember that flight fares are the highest on weekends. For obtaining tickets at the lowest prices, you should purchase them on Tuesday evenings or Wednesday mornings. Avoid planning your weekend trips at the last moment. You can travel cheaper by booking your tickets a few days in advance.

Travel by car, train, or bus

This is much cheaper when compared to flying. Additionally, road trips offer you an opportunity to taste the local culture — first-hand.

Rent your house/apartment during your travel

If you manage to find a tenant for the time you're away, you might find yourself not needing much cash for travel.

To travel cheap, being prepared holds the key

Many people decide to travel without even being aware of what’s there in their destination. Research about your destination online or refer to travel books. Check out about discounted city travel passes for visiting major tourist attractions.
Get in touch with local bloggers for some useful information about the places to see and where to eat.

Find a short-term job overseas

Compare hotels rates

Check travel sites for offers like “stay two nights, get the third night free”, or “free shuttle service to the airport”. A cheaper hotel rate is a good reason to visit a destination. Tripadvisor and are just two websites among dozens that offer excellent hotel room deals.

To travel cheap, pack light

Most airlines charge $15 or more for checked baggage. You can avoid paying extra by packing light. If possible, you should skip the checked baggage line and baggage claim.
Don’t pack more than 50 lbs. at any cost. Your baggage expenses will skyrocket by another $50—$60.

During a long trip, be prepared to move out of the box

Hotels are overpriced and offer just a bed, bath, and rarely a kitchenette. Opt for an apartment or home rented out by the landlord. You get a whole house with as many bedrooms you desire. Besides, you’ll have a kitchen for yourself. This will reduce your food expenses significantly.
Log on to,, or for finding your ideal house for a short stay. There are several other websites where you can get similar deals. You can also rent a single room in a house directly from the house owner. This will cost you just a fraction of what you’ll have to shell out for a hotel room.

Look for hotel accommodations beyond “Tourist Trap” cities

Avoid staying in the “Tourist Trap” cities. Opt for accommodations a little distance away from these exorbitant places. You can save a minor fortune! Besides, you’ll be able to get a first-hand experience of how the local people really live.

To travel cheap, visit a destination during the off-season

All places of tourist interest have lean phases. Most often, this is due to the weather not being “ideal”. If you travel to a destination during the off-season, you can curtail your expenses by hundreds of dollars. Your car rentals, accommodations, admissions fees, and even souvenirs will be much cheaper during the off-season.
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