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How to teach tolerance to conservative parents?

Conservative parents may have rigidly-set standards that may cause their children to rebel against them. We have several tips on how to teach parents to be more accepting of different beliefs and values.

Take them on a journey, showing a different culture

This will enable them to see that there is life outside their self-proclaimed bubble world. They might also understand the differences that exist between races and religions.

Introduce them to the

Don't feel awkward to introduce your parents to your friends or co-workers. Give them the right to know who your friends are, even if they sneer or say something against them. Once you are alone, tell them that they shouldn't worry about you being influenced by your friends because your values are intact and well-ingrained in you. Thank them for raising you well.

Use their flawed logic against them

Parents will also have to realize that they are wrong if they have listened to themselves using the same flawed logic.

Teach them to use the computer and the internet

The recent trends in technology might help them open up their eyes on what's really going on in the world today.Show them the value of social media - how Facebook, Twitter and other platforms can bridge gaps between firends and relatives.
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