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How to teach kids to clean up after themselves?

When you teach kids to clean up after themselves, you are imbuing them with a virtue that they will carry on until adulthood. You can train them early on by showing them how to do it, using motivation and by designing a full cleaning plan.

Praise your kid for completing assigned chores

When your kid completes his/her assigned chores for the day, make it a point to praise your kid. Praising your kid whenever he/she finishes the chores in time will help him/her understand that cleaning up makes you really happy.

Use some form of motivation to encourage your kid to clean

For instance, you can design a big chart and stick it in your kids rooms. Name this chart My Cleaning Plan (MCP). Make a note of all your kids chores on the MCP.

Dont project cleaning as a negative activity

Never yell at your kids when the time comes for cleaning up their room, or the house. Your kids will wrongly associate cleaning with yelling. On the other hand, if cleaning is enforced as a positive activity right from a young age, your kids will learn to enjoy it as they grow older.

The right way to deal with incomplete chores

If the chores assigned for the day have not been completed, you must ask the child to go to bed immediately. If your kids make the same mistake the next day as well, take privileges (like sleepovers), or valuable things (such as electronic games) away from them.

Firstly show how to do it

secondly clean up together thirdly let alone trying to. You can tell how

Set up a competition among your kids

You should do this to test who will finish cleaning up his/her room in the fastest time. To make this test more realistic and competitive, hide a quarter in each room. The kid should be able to find this hidden quarter only if he/she cleans his/her room thoroughly. Additionally, you must check whether the room has been cleaned properly.

Remind your kid to do his/her chores

Never do this more than once or twice. You must give your kids the freedom to complete their chores at a time which is convenient to them. However, ensure that they complete their chores within the time limit that you have set for them. Never force your kids to do their chores. Instead, wait until bed-time before checking whether the chores have been done.

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Teach kids to clean up after themselves
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