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How to teach a man to say sorry?

Tired of always being the first one to say sorry to your man? Ease your worries away because we have a few tips that you can use to get that macho man of yours say the two most difficult words for him. Read on to find out how.

Give him the cold shoulder

Nothing gets into a man more than having the woman of his life ignore him like a sack of potatoes in a corner. He'll be so curious that he'll keep on asking you to say what you feel. Once you feel that he has exerted a lot of effort, tell him in a gentle way that all you need is a heartfelt apology from him. He might draw in the sharpest breath you can ever imagine, but then, he'll say "I'm sorry" eventually.

Show him what you're made of

Is your man egoistic? Then, show him that you have an ego that needs to be placated, too.

Don't nag

The more you nag, the more he will ignore you or fight you back. You don't need that. Once both of you have settled down, try to talk to him. Tell him about your feelings as objectively as you can and how a simple sorry can fix everything. If he really loves you that much, he will.

Give him competition

Men are competitive by nature so use this to your advantage. Don't answer his calls. Pretend that you're busy if he visits you at home. Tell him as an aside that you're preparing for a date with an old friend or flame. He'll definitely do everything just to please you - even to the point of saying sorry.

It's hard, but it can be done

Men have so much pride in them, not because they simply want to, but because they were raised to be that way. It's usually a "macho" thing.

It is impossible... ;(

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Teach a man to say sorry
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