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How to talk with teenagers?

Have you run out of ideas to get your teens to talk with you? Read on and find out how to do it without losing your sanity and temper.

Never give unsolicited advice

One thing that turns teenagers off is bearing with your words of wisdom even if they never asked you for it. These adults-in-the-making want to establish their identities and want you to trust their decisions - without your help. If you donít want them to turn their backs on you, then, chill out.

Act your age

Some parents make the mistake of talking like their teenagers and try to fit in with their friends. Donít. You are a grown-up so act like one. Theyíll respect you more for it.

Learn to accept that your child is an adult in progress

Acknowledge the fact that the little boy or girl that you once carried in your arms is no longer a baby so stop treating him like one. Talk as you would with an adult family member.

Always be there for him

No matter how hard he tries to hide it, thereís always that little boy who wants to reach out and talk to you - just like the old times. It may happen when you least expect it - during a late night show, after a tiring day at school - just be there for him.

Respect his silence

Donít force your teenager to talk if he doesnít feel like it. Just go with the flow and wait until heís ready to come out of his shell.

Be honest about your feelings

How can your teenager trust you if you donít trust him enough to understand what you truly feel? He may not have the same level of knowledge as you do but heís mature enough to know that youíre mad about his quitting school, not hurt as you say.
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