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How to take care of your clothes?

Why do you have to keep on buying new clothes when you can preserve the life of your old ones? Besides, taking care of your clothes makes you look neater and more attractive. How to do it? read on.

Use the right hangers

It is essential that you use the right hangers for your clothes. Padded ones are needed to keep the shape of clothes with delicate fabrics. Denim can hung in plastic hangers.

Store them properly

Donít crowd your drawers. Make sure that there is enough space to avoid friction as this can damage the fabrics of your clothes. You can also roll your clothes to avoid creasing.

Use an apron as needed

Oils and hard-to-remove food substances can be very difficult to remove. Prevent them in the first place by wearing an apron when you know that youíll be cooking, painting surfaces or washing the dishes.

Remove stains immediately

Stains that are left to dry becomes stubborn and sometimes, even irremovable. Remove them as soon as you can.

Use less soap than is required

Donít believe the old housewifeís tale that says more soap can clean clothes better. More soap only means more suds, which actually hampers your washing machine from working properly.

Use less heat

Sunlight and ironing can fade the color of your clothes. Thatís why itís better to hang colored xlothes in shaded areas. If you have to iron your clothes, do so, but make sure that you use a temperature setting that is lower than what is recommended.

Wash clothes only when you need to

You donít have to wash your clothes if youíve only worn them once and still looks and smells clean. Just air them out in a shaded area.

Skip the dryer

The dryerís pressure can damage the fabrics of your clothes. Just hang your clothes outside to dry. Youíll be surprised at how great your clothes will smell.

Avoid fabric conditioners

Fabric conditioners contain slimy chemicals which leave toxic substances on your skin and the environment as well. Use a baking soda-water substitute instead.
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