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How to strengthen the body's immune system?

A strong immune system is necessary to ward off diseases. You can improve your immune system by sleeping well, exercising, drinking enough water and eating a healthy diet.

Get adequate sleep

Adequate sleep is extremely important for strengthening the body’s immune system. Besides, a good night’s sleep enhances your energy levels, prevents strokes, and restricts your body weight. All these are significant factors that contribute to a robust immune system.

Manage stress – keep your stress levels in control

High levels of stress affect the body’s immune system negatively. Besides, stress has physical repercussions, as well. To manage stress optimally, you should avoid activities and people that lead to an increase in your stress levels. You should develop better methods of coping with the inevitable highs and lows of life in a healthy manner. Try to spend more time in relaxing activities like gardening, meditation, walking, or yoga.

Eat a healthy diet and opt for a healthy lifestyle

Usually, people worry about their health only when they fall seriously ill. However, healthy food choices not only enhance your energy levels, but also maintain your cardiovascular health. A diet containing vegetables, lean proteins, and fruits predominantly, strengthen the body’s immune system. Oranges, tomatoes, and tangerines are rich sources of Vitamin C, which augments the immune system.

Sleep well

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Maintain high standards of hygiene

Maintaining good hygiene strengthens your body’s immune system. Good hygiene goes beyond smelling your best. It includes taking sufficient precautions to prevent the attack and spread of infectious diseases. Wash your hands with soap and water at the end of the day. This helps in getting rid of the bacteria, germs, and dirt that you’ve picked up over the course of the day. Besides, you should brush your teeth twice and shower every day.

Antioxidants strengthen the body’s immune system

Antioxidants are micro-nutrients, essential minerals, and vitamins that actively help in repairing the damaged cells in your body. Vitamins C & E, selenium, zinc, and beta carotene are the most essential antioxidants. Fruits and vegetables are rich sources of antioxidants. Besides, antioxidants are also available in the form of supplements.

Drink less alcohol

It dehydrates you, puts an extra stress on your body.

Exercise regularly

Adequate exercise not only enhances your cardiovascular health, but also reduces the possibility of some chronic diseases. Adolescents and younger children should spend at least one hour engaging in aerobic activities every day. Adults need about three hours of aerobic exercise and one hour of strength training exercise every week.

Drink enough water to strengthen your immune system

Water energizes the body’s muscles, enhances bowel function, and stabilizes the body’s fluid levels. Drink a minimum of 8 large glasses of water each day. Never quench your thirst with tea, soda, soft drinks, coffee, or alcoholic beverages, since these drinks dehydrate you.


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If you put your body through some physical stress, it will react by getting stronger. However, don't force yourself, don't overdo it, as it will make you weaker. Remember to do breaks between workouts, don't train every day.

Opt for regular medical screening tests

Screening tests help in catching illnesses in the early stage and treating them aggressively before they can cause any damage. This ensures that your immune system is in prime condition to effectively deter any opportunistic infections.

Avoid smoking

Smoking damages the body’s immune system considerably by directly harming almost every organ. Additionally, smoking increases the likelihood of lung cancer, stroke, respiratory distress, and heart attack.

Eat more vitamins

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Strengthen the body's immune system
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