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How to stop your child from stuttering?


Teach the child relaxation techniques

A lot of problems with speech can be seen because of anxiety issues. What you want to do is to let him or her relax. This will avoid any type of panic whenever saying something.

Check for the anatomic anomalies

A lot of children have anatomic deformities from their tongue and this could lead to some trouble speaking. You want to check always from the start whether these things are present as this could lead to bigger troubles for your child.

Get a child psychatrist in the picture

You want to know if the child hasn't skipped any of the stages that are crucial to his development. This can lead to stuttering and other speech problems.

Seek the help of a speech pathologist

You want to have the help of a speech pathologist in these situations to know the real score. You want to know the root of the problem.

Stick with the best teacher for your child

You want to have a good teacher who can manage to correct the child in a calm and reassuring manner. This will avoid any type of problem regarding the pronunciation aspect.

Be patient with your child

You want to be patient whenever you are teaching the child how to speak. There are instances when pressure from the teacher or parents make the child stutter in his or her speech.

Interact with kids

There are children who are stuttering before they get to interact with other children. Aside from the fact that it is age,there are instances when they can correct their speech because of learning from other kids.

Train the child on tongue twisters

Tongue twisters can make so much difference to how the child can speak. This can initiate the child to think and to speak fast.

Pay attention to the content of his message

Some children develop a stutter for want of attention. Make sure that you spend quality time with him when you can listen patiently to what he is trying to tell you. Just let him talk Ė donít correct him or tell him to start all over again because he will feel more frustrated, making him stutter even more.

Speak slowly

Your child may not catch up with you when you speak at your normal adult rate. Itís because he still has to process each word based on his stored memory. Make it easier for him by speaking more slowly.

Ask questions one at a time

Donít confuse your child by asking him a barrage of questions that require lengthy answers. For starters, ask him questions that are answerable by yes or no. Then ask him why. An example is ďDid you enjoy school today?Ē If he says ďyesĒ, ask him why.

Donít interrupt him

Putting words into his mouth will not help your child get rid of stuttering. This might even make your child feel that he needs to rush in order to be understood, which will make him stutter even more. Let him finish with what he has to say without looking impatient or reaching out for something to do while he is talking. This will give him the impression that other things are more important to you than him.

Make your conversations fun

Make conversations fun and natural at home. Treat him as you would your other kids who are non-stutterers. Nothing builds up a childís confidence more than a warm, fun and loving home that accepts him for what he is.

Donít mimic him

The worst that you can do to a stutterer is to mimic his manner of speaking. This will make him feel more frustrated and angry not only at you but to himself as well.

Limit the use of electronics

Donít let him watch too much TV or play games on the computer or smartphone because he might find it too enjoyable that heíll prefer it over the company of humans. Studies show that too much time spent in front of these devices affect a childís communication skills.
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