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How to stop procrastinating?

Are you finding it increasingly hard to beat deadlines due to procrastination? Read on to learn some tips on how to stop this bad habit.

Just get started, no matter if or when you finish

Start with an easy task, which should not take you long to finish

When you finish, there is a good chance you will feel good about yourself and focused to continue with other tasks.

Set reasonable goals

Try to divide them into smaller goals, if they seem too difficult to accomplish

Stay focused and be strong, don't get usual things distract you

Keep track of time you spend procrastinating

Also take notes of the time you spend working/studying etc. It will make you more aware of how much your procrastinate and how much better you could do.

Know what is the price if you finish a goal

Learning the reward can be a good way to stay motivated and avoid procrastination.

Procrastination affects over 90% of all people worldwide

Procrastination, putting off an action until later, prevents you from completing your good intentions or at least postpones them. To be optimally productive, you should invest your time prudently and stop sabotaging yourself with needless excuses. Procrastination permits you to indulge in your immediate desires while postponing the more essential things. It cripples over ninety percent of all people in varying degrees and wastes an enormous amount of time.

To stop procrastinating an action, just do it

None of us is unfamiliar with the dreadful procrastination phenomenon. The most effective way to beat procrastination is to simply begin doing the assignment that you are dreading. Regardless of whether it’s starting a large project or cleaning your home, you should begin doing it. Only then it’ll be much easier. If you delay starting your project, you are unwittingly inviting yourself to procrastinate the task even more. Jump right in and start it. You’ll not only feel decidedly better about yourself, but you will also improve your productivity. Additionally:
• Once you begin a task, all the inertia disappears.
• To begin a task is almost spiritual.
• To begin a task is purely magical.
• To begin a task is akin to winning.

To stop procrastinating, avoid being a perfectionist

At times, you’ll need to avoid being a perfectionist and consider quantity over quality. Move on to the next task whenever the current project you’re engaged in doesn’t require perfection. After you’ve completed all the other assignments, you can backtrack and complete perfecting your original assignment.

Recognize & appreciate small milestones

Large tasks can be overpowering, and you may be tempted to postpone them due to the amount of time you’ll need to commit to complete them. To stop procrastinating, you should look at setting and completing smaller goals. Eventually, this will help you finish the larger task. Appreciate accomplishing small milestones and celebrate arriving at the halfway mark. Taking pride in finishing small milestones successfully will motivate you to proceed confidently and finish the large task.

To stop procrastinating, be consistent

Top performers in all fields — professional sports, business, music, entertainment — are always more consistent when compared to their peers. These individuals show up and deliver consistently — day after day. Meanwhile, others get bogged down by the exigencies of daily life and swerve between motivation and procrastination.
While ordinary people get off-track and demotivated after a bad day at the workplace, a below-par performance, an unsatisfactory workout, or simply a wasted effort on a pressing task, top performers don’t let these trivial hindrances upset them and settle smoothly back into their groove the very next day.

Apply the Seinfeld Strategy in your life

The renowned Seinfeld Strategy puts great emphasis on the process of doing a task. This strategy takes the focus off an individual’s performance and focuses on getting a task started and maintaining continuity. This strategy is not about the way you feel, your inspiration level, or the brilliance of your work that day. On the contrary, it’s about “continuing the chain”. To apply this strategy, pick up a calendar and begin your chain.

To stop procrastinating, eliminate distractions

You have an impending deadline. Nevertheless, instead of beginning your work, you’re fidgeting with trivial things like watching videos, returning phone calls, checking email, and surfing blogs. You clearly know that you should be busy working, but you are just not in the right mood to do anything.
To make certain that trivial activities don’t hinder your productivity, you should set aside some time for these activities each day. This will ensure that you don’t waste your time in these activities when you have to focus on being more productive. Besides, eliminating all these distractions help you in accomplishing more.

The inclination to procrastinate is literally in-built

The inclination to procrastinate, first developed in undergraduate all-nighters to finish an assignment or cram for examinations, is easily augmented in today’s world of continuous 24-hour news channels, social media updates, multitasking, email addiction …
It’s extremely difficult to halt the cycle, and getting lazy will just not serve the purpose. You have to beat down laziness, get back to your peak performance, and bounce right back.

To stop procrastinating, give yourself a deadline

Giving yourself a deadline and making a plan to accomplish it halts procrastination. Saying that you’ll complete that all-important project by the end of the month is one thing; however, actually drawing out the plan for each phase is another. You should present yourself a leg-up on sluggishness by breaking down each phase and must-hit dates each week. This will ensure that you remain focused, avoid overwhelm, and prevent you from saying, “Oh! I’ll start it this Thursday/this week/next Tuesday/next month.”

To stop procrastinating, make yourself accountable

Since you have a concrete plan, you should make it known. You can tell your co-workers, friends, and your family members that your project will be completed by the end of this month. There’s nothing more motivating than people constantly asking you, “How’s your project progressing?”

Make a comprehensive to-do list

Even if your deadline plan is perfect, break the milestones further into easy-to-manage chunks by listing the three most important things you must do each day to help you finish the project successfully. An awesome method, this works for other tasks, as well. Prioritizing the three most important things that you’ve to do each day ensures that you don’t have to drown in a long list of insignificant activities. This only enhances your chances of completing the project within the stipulated deadline.

Try doing the worst thing first

Since your supply of willpower is limited and exhaustible, you should try to finish the toughest task first. You present yourself the best chance of success when you attack the toughest task first. Your energy is at the highest level in the beginning. If you opt to do otherwise, it may result in a damaging domino effect. Postponing the frightening item on your list diminishes your strength. Eventually, the other items on your agenda suffer.
Hence, you should identify and begin the most heinous task. This may not necessarily be the most lucrative job, but it’s undoubtedly the worst. Checking off this task from your list will give you a sense of being super-productive. Besides, this will infuse you with the much-needed enthusiasm to tackle all the other minor tasks.

To stop procrastinating, change your environment

Different environments affect your productivity in different ways. Take a good look at your workspace and your room. Contemplate whether they motivate you to work or they lead you to curl up and sleep. If your workspace inspires you to sleep, you should change your workspace.
However, it’s important to note that a work environment that’s stimulating at the outset may lose its positive appeal after some time.
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