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How to stop getting distracted at work?

Are you finding it hard to concentrate on your job? Is it affecting your performance? Stop getting distracted at work by organizing your desk, wearing a headphone or by blocking access to websites that you visit too often.

Wear a headphone

Wear one whether you've got music playing or none. This way, your co-workers will know that you are busy working on something important and should not be distracted.

Organize your desk

In case you're not aware, searching for files, documents and office supplies are major distractions.You'll be wasting time and effort as well. Put things where they should be and you can concentrate more on your job.

Block access to websites you visit too often

You can use an add-on, for Firefox it's called "BlockSite". I tended to check news and sports sites every couple of hours, and spending at least 1-2 hours there every day. I still visit them, but not on my "work" computer or main computer browser. Hope this helps.

Love your job

Perhaps the best solution to stop getting distracted is by loving what you do. Come to think of it - your job enables you to have the current lifestyle you are enjoying today. Love your job and it just might love you back.

Stop the noise

Get some earplugs, or noise cancelling earphones. If it doesn't distracts you, play some soft, easy-listening music or whatever helps to keep you going.

Don't check email too often

Switch off email notifiers, or switch off your smartphone's Internet access while you're working.

Drink coffee

Caffeine, the primary ingredient in coffee, is an effective stimulant that can keep you awake and alert. This can help you focus more on your tasks.

Aim for a promotion

When you focus your sight on being promoted, you'll do everything you can to impress the boss. Show him that you can be trusted, not easily distracted.

Eat a heavy breakfast

Doing so will give your body all the energy you need to get things done. Besides, it's very hard to think when your stomach is rumbling.You'll end up munching every now and then which will further decrease your productivity.
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Stop getting distracted at work
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