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How to stop eye twitching?

Eye twitching, commonly known as blepharospasms, hampers your vision only slightly. However, it’s an irritating problem that tends to be persistent and doesn’t subside easily. Though relatively harmless, it’s embarrassing and may sometimes indicate a serious underlying predicament. For most patients, this condition can be solved without difficulty. Listed below are some valuable tips on how to stop eye twitching.

To stop eye twitching, begin with hard blinking

Tightly close your eyes. Squeeze them gently and open them wide suddenly. Repeat this hard blinking dozens of times.

Take complete rest

Proper rest and adequate sleep are effective in stopping eye twitching. Avoid watching television or looking at a computer monitor for several hours.

Massage your bottom eyelids gently

Use your middle fingers in a circular motion to gently massage the lower part of your eyelids.

Causes of eye twitching

The usual causes of eye twitching include:
• Eye strain
• Stress
• Computer vision syndrome
• Fatigue
• Excessive alcohol or caffeine consumption
• Nutritional deficiency
• Dry eye or allergies

Supplement your diet with essential nutrients

Carrots, leafy greens, fatty fish, almonds, eggs, citrus, and berries provide the essential nutrients for your eyes. Adding these foods to your diet stops eye twitching.

Blink rapidly for about a minute

Blink your eyes rapidly so that your eyelashes move to and fro like the wings of a butterfly. This process of blinking your eyes rapidly relaxes your eye muscles, and cleanses and lubricates your eyeballs.

Use eye lubricant


Close your eyes and give a light massage use your finger around the eyes

Other potentially serious causes of eye twitching include:

• Pinched nerve
• Genetics
• Neurological problems like Bell’s Palsy, Dystonia, and Tourette syndrome
• Medications for treating psychosis and epilepsy

Use ice cubes

Close your eyes and place ice cubes on your eyelids for a few minutes. Hold the ice cubes for a longer duration if your eyes continue to twitch.

Make lifestyle changes if eye twitching is persistent

If your eye twitching persists for several days or weeks, you’ll have to make the requisite lifestyle changes to resolve this problem permanently. When excessive television viewing and computer use are the causative factors of your eye twitching, restrict these activities to stop eye twitching.
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