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How to stop biting nails?

Biting your nails is an unsightly habit formed early in childhood. You can stop doing so by dealing with your stress and anxiety, getting a bad-tasting nail polish or keeping them short.

Deal with your stress and anxiety

Get a bad-tasting nail polish

Most often I don't realize when I start gnawing my nails. Bitter taste of nail polish will surely make you notice and discourage to continue biting.

Ask others for support

If you don't know when you start biting, ask your friends to help you control yourself.

Do regular manicure, make them look good

When you love the way they look, you will not want to damage them.

Stop touching your face, keep fingers away

Keep them short

Wear artificial nails

If nothing helps, wear gloves!

Nail biting is a habit. You need to learn how to unlearn

Unlearning a habit is possible. You only have to make sure that you find a diversion,

Stay away from anxious scenarios

There are lots of people with anxiety problems that resort to nail biting.
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