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How to stop being jealous?

Jealousy is an intense emotion that usually leads to failed relationships. How to stop that green-eyed monster? Read on to find out.

Build your self-confidence to tackle jealousy from within

Usually, jealousy is an off-shoot of low self-worth and insecurity. You may be concerned of being rejected or abandoned by someone you trust. The best way to stop being jealous is to build your self-esteem. You can achieve this by behaving the way a confident person would behave. Take all your decisions confidently. Eventually, your confidence will reflect in all your actions. Confident people aren’t affected by ridicule or a sense of abandonment.

To stop being jealous, avoid comparing yourself with others

Each individual is unique. Rather than focus on your drawbacks, think of your positive qualities, character traits, and skills. This will help in building your confidence. Besides, this will also help you to avoid comparing yourself with other people. Even the most famous and rich people have their own insecurities, struggle with them, and ultimately, overcome them successfully.

Nurture an optimistic view of everyone

Since jealousy is an emotion based on fear, you can stop being jealous by developing an optimistic view of everyone around you. When you visualize an optimistic picture of someone, you’ll stop worrying about any bad incident that’s likely to happen in the future. Besides, adopting an optimistic view helps you in overcoming negative feelings about people around you. It may seem ironic, but it’s labeled “self-fulfilling prophecy”. Whenever you rely on someone, learn to rely on them completely.

Don't compare yourself to others

There are only two things that will come from this - either you find yourself inferior, which will make you feel jealous or superior, which may cause you to feel over-confident of yourself.

Work on your self-confidence

To stop being jealous, spend time with different people

Instead of spending all your leisure time with one person, try spending time with more people. Alternatively, you should consider pursuing an activity that you enjoy. Rather than wasting your energy by squandering your time on one person, you should think of taking better care of yourself. This will help you to stop being jealous of a family member, colleague, friend, or neighbor.

Love yourself

Jealousy also comes from feelings of being unloved and rejected. Be the first to love yourself so that you can see the love and care that others have for you.

Improve yourself

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Take special courses, improve your physical appearance, get out and make more friends. All of these will boost your confidence and make you feel less jealous of others.

Look in to yourself to see where the negative thoughts come from

For example, if you are jealous about someone else's appearance, think about your own, and how you can improve it, instead of focussing on that person.

Realize that jealousy drags you down

When your close friend begins talking to other people and spends considerably lesser time with you than before, you’ll definitely feel hurt and jealous. Likewise, there are numerous other situations in which feeling jealous is quite natural. However, jealousy drags you down. In such situations, remind yourself that it’s their life after all.

Do exactly opposite of whatever a jealous individual does

When you’re overwhelmed by an intense feeling of jealousy, never react in a destructive manner. Don’t make accusations, ignore someone, or drop sarcastic hints. Instead, do what a trustworthy individual would have done in your place. For instance, when a coworker gets the plum promotion that you were eyeing, be nice to that individual instead of being sneaky. Never try to undermine that individual. Instead, congratulate that individual and help that individual to be successful in the new position.

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