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How to stop being an overprotective mom?

Do you find yourself doting on your child? Do you feel like tearing the eyes off his opponent's face when he gets into trouble? You might not be aware that you are overprotective, and this could produce negative effects on your little one. How to stop being overprotective? Read on to find out.

Let your child experience life as it is

It's natural for mothers to be protective of their children. But overprotecting a child robs him of his chance to explore and experience the joys and trials of life on his own.

Relax, chill out, give some space

Think that sometimes, you have to do that for the sake of the child

Stop being his

You are your child's mother who's supposed to guide him, not manage him. Understand that managing his life makes him feel incapable of forming decisions for himself. Would you like to have a wimp for a child?

Get hold of your previous experiences

Sometimes, over protection stems from one's own bitter memories of rejection. Stop feeling that your child will experience the same fate - of feeling unwanted, unloved and uncared for simply because he is a different person, not an extension of yourself.
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Stop being overprotective mom
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