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How to stop an emotional blackmailer?

An emotional blackmailer is a person who threatens and forces you to do things against your will by playing with your emotions. Don't be a victim. Listed below are some tips to help you out.

Be aware of the signs

Be wary when a person talks you into doing something against your will because this is the first sign of emotional blackmail. If you donít resist him, he will goad you into doing what he wants and may even threaten you if you donít do as he says. Nip it right in the bud. Stop him early on and be very firm about it.

Be self-confident

Most, if not all victims of emotional blackmail are those who donít believe that they can survive without the approval of somebody else. Be confident of yourself and what you can do. This will give him an impression that he canít manipulate you.

Donít fall into the trap

Emotional blackmailers come in all forms and sizes Ė a spoiled child, a misguided teenager, a meandering spouse, a whiny friend Ė and they are all out to get you. Donít let them. Cut them short once they start their never=ending demands.

Stop feeling responsible for the blackmailer

Keep in mind that you are only responsible for yourself and your immediate family. You are not accountable for your friend who always borrows money without paying or a co-worker who seems to depend on you to treat her out to lunch every single day.

Donít be afraid to be alone

Emotional blackmailers are master manipulators. They play with your emotions especially when they know that you hate being alone. So if your partner threatens to leave you for not doing as he says, let him go. Youíll be better off alone than be caught in such a manipulating relationship.

Learn to be self-reliant

Doing so will give him a clear message that you can survive without him.

Leave while you can

Why prolong the agony when you can prevent such emotional abuse? Leave while you still have some self-respect left for yourself.

Be Prepared For The Worst

Dont get scared when you find out, just be prepared for anything that is coming your way.
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Stop an emotional blackmailer
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