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How to stay awake?

Are you finding it hard to stay awake when you need to finish an important project or study for an upcoming exam? You can stay awake by increasing the amount of lighting, chewing something or drinking brewed coffee.

Keep snacking

It will make your body prepare for food intake, which makes you more alert. Just remember not to overdo, eat something light.

Drink water to keep hydrated

The idea is that you're more sleepy when dehydrated.

Keep chewing something

Open windows, look outside for a few minutes

Works for me every day.

Get up and take a walk if you can

Increase the amount of lighting

Start talking to someone

When driving, take regular breaks to stop and have a short walk

Listen to music

Remember why are you doing things in the first place

Drink brewed coffee to get you the caffeine that you need

Get enough sleep from the previous night

Getting the right amount of sleep is crucial to staying awake. This is especially true if you have work the following morning.
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