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How to start flossing teeth?

Flossing is an essential part of oral hygiene. It helps prevent tooth decay, bad breath and other mouth problems. How to floss properly? Read on to find out.

Floss once a day

Flossing should be done just once daily to avoid damaging the tooth's enamel. The best time to floss is right after dinner. Do it for at least 2-4 minutes to ensure that your teeth are flossed completely. Brush your teeth afterwards and rinse with tap water.

Increase number of flossed teeth gradually

It might be difficult for you at first to go through all the teeth, especially those at the back. Why not try first with flossing only the front teeth, and keep adding more teeth every week as you get more familiar with it.

Ask your dentist to show you

Dentists are trained in all aspects of oral hygiene, and that includes flossing. They can suggest the type of floss that best fits your needs and give you instructions on how to do it properly.

Use a saw-like motion

This is to ensure that all food particles are removed from the sides of the teeth and the baseline of the gums.

Coil the floss

Get 18 inches of floss and wrap it around your middle finger. Coil the other end of the floss into the middle finger of the other hand. The later will be the receiver of the frayed floss.

Find the right floss thickness

Wide floss is best for people with teeth that have wider spaces in between while the regular floss is recommended for those with regular gaps.

Start when a child has his first set of teeth

Yes, flossing should start once he has two teeth that touch each other. You can floss using the loop method. It's because young children do not have enough manual dexterity to accomplish a complex task like flossing.
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Start flossing teeth
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