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How to start boxing?

Boxing is a great workout. A lot of people do it. What you can do is to look into these tips in order to get started.

Jog and build stamina

It is important that you have stamina when you engage in boxing. It would include not only hand movement but also movement of your lower body.

Receive boxing lessons from legit boxing gyms

Though there are some gyms that can give you a boxing class, the best instructions would come from legitimate boxing gyms.

Learn the fundamentals first

You need to know the fundamental punches and movements of boxing first. Jab, straight, hook and an upper cut are the most basic punches that you need to learn.

Do strength and conditioning

You need to make sure that you can pack a punch whenever you throw your punches. These types of regimens will allow you to become better at boxing.

Get a boxing coach

If you need to learn boxing from scratch, you can always hire a good coach to guide you from the ground up.

Perform plyometric exercises

You need to make sure that you perform plyometric exercises in order to develop fast and slow twitch muscles for boxing

Improve your shoulder muscles

One of the fastest muscles that would give up is the shoulder. You need to make sure that you improve the shoulder muscle in order to keep up with the rounds.

Do skip rope exercises

Skip rope exercises can help you with your footworks. It can improve your calves.

Perform mitt workouts

Mitt workouts will improve your accuracy and your combinations.
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