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How to start a successful clothing company with a small capital?

Clothing companies are starting with a minimal capital. How is this possible given today's trends?

Outsource the work

You do not need to have a factory to have a good shirt company. You only need to outsource the work to countries like India, Mexico, Pakistan and other third world countries.

Try profit sharing with your artists

Do you want the best work for your products? What you want to do is to get the help of different artists by getting sharing them a portion of the profit. This will get them motivated to make the work great!

Get the help of a good artist

You need to get the help of an artist in order to sell shirts. You need to include him or her on the planning process.

Use the uniqueness of a company

You have to establish why people should try your apparel. You need to make sure that you are offering something unique to your products.

Start with small batches

You do not want to invest on large amounts of orders immediately especially if you are still testing the market.

Learn how to use the social media platforms

Social media platforms can provide you with the added online presence that your company needs. If you are looking to explore on the possibilities of getting good publicity, this should be the answer for you.

Try crowdsourcing

For small companies with a small company, if you have a bright idea how to spike your influence, then why not go for a crowdsourcing site like Kickstarter to get the publicity you need and to also not have to spend money?

Try getting freelance artists

Getting freelance artists can be cheaper than hiring someone full time.

Learn how to market the shirt

You need to learn how to get to your target market. Different shirts will cater to different people.

Know the importance of branding

Branding is not just the logo or the pure marketing efforts of a company. It should be the feel, the satisfaction and the overall experience of your product.

Invest on Bigcartel

Big Cartel is a free e commerce site that you can tweak according to your needs.
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Start a successful clothing company with a small capital
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