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How to start a language school?

Most people traveling abroad for work, vacation, or school are interested in having a good understanding of the language spoken in that nation.

Identify potential students based on your teaching skills

Based on your previous teaching experience, decide whether your curriculum should be targeted exclusively to adults. Then you have to take a decision about whether you want students enrolled full-time or after-office hours. You have to decide whether the teaching methods need to be based on accelerated learning for people undertaking foreign business trips, or a slower pace for people who are keen to learn conversational skills.

Additionally, they’re interested in ensuring that their pronunciation is perfect. Hence, people turn to language schools for instruction that books or tapes can’t provide. If you are fluent in a foreign language, possess a teaching credential, and have a passion for being an entrepreneur, then starting a language school is the ideal business match for you.

Initially, start small

Later, when you have some hands-on experience of running a language school, you can expand. You can start by conducting community service class; for instance, Beginning Japanese. When you have developed lesson plans, you can add different learning styles, and ascertain the demand for your language school in the neighborhood.

Learn how other language schools nearby were started

Ascertain about other language schools in the neighborhood. In case you have competition, decide what you want to offer that is unique. Seek suggestions from potential students or their parents.

Fashion a professional website for your language school

Include the mission statement of your language school, tuition fees, and biographies of your faculty. Include travel photos, tidbits about foreign foods, blogs, curious customs, and history to stimulate interest about your school among adult travelers.

Familiarize yourself with the local media

Give them a tour of your language school or offer to give them an interview. Invite the media for the school’s open house and holiday gatherings.

Find out about licensing requirements for a language school

The licensing requirements vary from country to country and from state to state within a country. Find out all the government rules and regulations governing the operations of a language school.

Chart out your business plan clearly

The key elements to be addressed include the operating budget for the first three years inclusive of insurance expenditure, salaries and benefits of faculty, number of students seeking admission, equipment and school supplies, cost of building (own or lease), and the levels of classes you intend to offer.

Set up a committee and begin assigning tasks

The various tasks assigned to committee members must include marketing, human resources, student recruitment, and facilities management.

Network with state language school organizations

Network and promote your language school. Join the Chamber of Commerce and announce the accomplishments of your language school.
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Start a language school
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