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How to start a blog?

You can take the first steps in starting a blog by sharing your thoughts, promoting your business, or talking about your favorite sport. You can begin blogging in minutes by creating a blog on WordPress or Blogger, and itís either free or inexpensive. Listed below are some helpful tips on how to start a blog.

Come up with the right blogging concept

Before starting a blog, you must know what youíre passionate about, care about, and wish to share with other people. If youíre interested to write frequently and keep your content fresh with the latest information, then you must write about what truly stokes your passion or reflects your everyday experience. Politics, food, movies, cars, and your business are just a few of these ideas that can enhance the flow of your creative juices.

Think about how you can enlighten people

While it may interest you to know your subject area more comprehensively, you have to direct your blog topics quite narrowly. This will help your blog to have a clear purpose. Your blog can relate to your intended audience by teaching them something, making them laugh, providing them the latest trends and news, and inspiring them.

Be aware of what not to include in your blog

Your family members, colleagues, neighbors, and close friends may not like it when your blog reveals secrets, pokes fun at people you live with, shares confidential information, or causes other people unwanted trouble. Stay within your limits. Know what is permissible by way of blogging. Whenever necessary, ask your colleagues and family members before including any of them in your posts.

Know what your competition is doing

Check other blogs on your chosen topic to familiarize yourself with what other people are saying. Strive to offer fresh content that is distinctly different from what is already present in other peopleís blogs. Identify your niche clearly and present an angle that distinguishes your blog from your competitors.

Generate some unique names for your blog post

Brainstorm an extensive list of names and write them down in your notebook. Talk to your family members and friends to generate ideas. Try free-writing to capture diverse ideas coming out of your mind about the chosen niche.

Research keywords associated with your subject

Using keywords associated with your subject in your blog will help people locate your blog easily. Use the keyword tool in the site to generate a list of phrases and keywords associated with your topic. Choose the words and phrases that have a high number of searches but low levels of competition. Include these keywords in your blog title. Fit these keywords into your blog posts in a natural manner. If done perfectly, this will help search engine spiders locate your blog and display it to users searching specifically for the matching keywords you have used.

Determine where to create your blog and host it

Currently, the two most renowned blog creation and hosting sites on the web are WordPress and Blogger. WordPress offers a wide range of sophisticated tools for improving and promoting your blog. Blogger, owned by Google, is extremely easy to install and maintain.
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