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How to spot and collect antiques of the future?

You can add exquisite and useful items to your household by being an intelligent purchaser of quality items right from a young age. If you have the gift of spotting superior items that are durable and versatile, and able to last the test of time, then you are sure to have quality around you all the time. This rare gift endows you with the ability to spot antiques of the future.

Take a firm decision about the focus of your collection

There are several items that can be collected as antiques of the future. Kitchenware, watches, computers and accessories, bathroom goods, personal accessories, toys, and furniture are just a few. Here, it is extremely important to select what you like. There is absolutely no point in collecting items that donít reverberate with your style. Enhance the criterion of your collection. Buy items that match your style.

Maintain records of all your purchases diligently

Note down the price, date of purchase, name of designer, and reason of purchase of all the items in your collection. Preserve associated catalogs, advertising materials, postcards, etc., as these are of immense value. Keeping items in their original boxes enhances their value in the future.

Store your items with utmost caution and care

Since these items are liable to deteriorate rapidly when exposed to the normal effects of moisture, light, children, pets, etc., they must be stored properly. If you choose to display your items, make sure that the storage space is clean and not exposed to direct sunlight. Books, catalogs, postcards, and magazines should be stored in safe places with adequate insect deterrents.

Consider trendy, exceptional designs of the decade

An antique is useful during its time and has a definite production period. Usually, its production will be stopped after this period. You can spot antiques of the future by reading magazines, examining style catalogs, and looking at online product reviews. Exhibitions featuring new products are a must-visit. Add items designed by famous designers to your antique collection. Visit museums to ascertain the items most likely to be prized in the future.

Explore various sources before buying your items

Once you have decided about the items you want to collect, locate the most reliable sources dealing with these items. Buy the best quality items at the most competitive prices. Establish a cordial relationship with a legitimate dealer who specializes in items you are collecting. Negotiate good deals online from both auction sites and retail websites. Factory direct, special art stores, crafts person direct, and design stores are other good sources for your items.

Essential features for items to be viewed as future antiques

Items belonging to award-winning designs of the present period are more likely to become antiques of the future. Similarly, items which feature groundbreaking design are worth adding to your collection. Additionally, all items possessing astounding elegance, overwhelming quality, startling uniqueness, and revolutionary design are worth collecting.

Be ready to store items for the long-term

For your collection to gain value, patience and adequate space are indispensable attributes. The longer you hold onto the items in your collection, the more they increase in value. Be careful to maintain the items pristine. Other than furniture, items in your collection should never be used.

Do not be in a hurry when collecting things

Have an awareness of historical events around the globe

You may never know when a collection could turn out to be a pricey. Historical events will give you an idea if this is possible.
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Spot and collect antiques of the future
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