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How to speed up muscle recovery?

Speeding up muscle recovery results in various positive benefits. The foremost among them is that you can get back to your fitness regimen faster.

Rest relieves muscle soreness

Whether youíre just beginning a fitness routine or a professional athlete, allowing sufficient time for your muscles to rejuvenate is vital.

Sufficient rest is the single biggest factor essential for speeding up muscle recovery. After a strenuous workout, make it a point to rest your muscles adequately. In fact, working out once in a day for about 45 minutes is sufficient. Ideally, you must avoid any further physical exercise for the same set of muscles during the next 24 hours.

The vital role that a nutritious diet plays

Nutritious food rich in lean protein and all essential vitamins plays a vital role in speedy muscle recovery. Every time you exercise your muscles, there are tiny microscopic tears in them. Your bodyís natural healing mechanism ensures that these tears heal quickly. Here, rest plays a critical role. Hence, sufficient rest and nutritious diet are indispensable for speedy muscle recovery.

Failure to rest leads to muscle tears and muscle injury

Failure to rest your muscles adequately will lead to overstraining of your muscles. This results in painful muscle tears which donít heal quickly. These muscle tears result in an increase in the muscle recovery time. In case, you donít rest your muscles sufficiently and continue with strenuous exercises, you risk serious muscle injury.

Begin the day with egg whites

Egg whites, made of lean proteins, effectively repair muscle tissues.

Stretch your muscles completely to avoid muscle soreness

Stretching your hand and leg muscles completely ensures that they are less sore after your training sessions. Additionally, try to hold each stretch for as long as you are comfortable. Begin by stretching your muscles gradually and continue stretching till you reach the limit.

Apply hot or cold compresses to sore muscles

The hot compress alleviates pain in the muscles, and the cold compress reduces inflammation of the muscles.

Muscle soreness is not apparent immediately

Usually muscle soreness sets in a day or two after exercise. Rarely, you experience muscle soreness immediately after you complete your workout. Muscle stiffness and swelling is caused by the biochemical changes within your body. The resulting nerve sensitivity causes muscle soreness.

Remember to warm down after each training session

Warm-down exercise speeds up muscle recovery. After intense exercise, stretch your arms and legs systematically. Ideally, 5 repetitions of these exercises must be performed.

Low-fat peanut butter speeds up muscle recovery, as well

You can add celery sticks to give you the satiated feeling in the mornings. This prevents overeating during the rest of the day.

Have low fat chicken and tuna during lunch

For speeding up muscle recovery, these two are excellent options. Consisting of essential proteins and vital vitamins, they are ideal foods for speedy muscle recovery.

Continue exercising muscles that are not sore

Donít stop your exercises completely when you experience a slight stiffness in your back or leg muscles. At such times, you must continue exercising your arms. To tone the muscles of your arms, continue performing biceps and triceps exercises.

Soybeans, pinto beans, black beans & kidney beans for dinner

All these beans are rich in lean proteins and accelerate muscle recovery. Sprinkle with low-fat sour cream, salsa, or olives to add more flavor.

Do not overstretch to avoid torn ligaments

When doing stretching exercises, take care not to overstretch any of your muscles. This can happen during intense workouts- when you try to achieve too much too soon. Since overstretching can result in torn ligaments, you must be extremely cautious when you are doing stretching exercises.
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Speed up muscle recovery
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