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How to smell good all the time?

Smelling good all the time gives you the confidence to face any and all situations. How to keep smelling good all the time? Read on and find out.

Remove hidden hair

Shaving off pubic and armpit hair does eliminate body odor. Itís because these hairs store sweat. And of course, wet and dark areas become the playground of bad-odor producing bacteria. No hair translates to no body odor.

Wipe your sweat immediately

Sweat alone does not smell bad. It only produces bad odor when it mixes with bacteria and dries up on your clothes. Keep it off from your clothes by wiping it up immediately.

Brush your teeth after every meal

Doing so will get rid of food particles that are stuck between the teeth, causing your mouth to smell fresh and clean all the time.

Scrape your tongue daily

Studies reveal that tongue scrapers can remove as much as 70% of volatile sulfur compounds from the bacteria that may thrive in it.

Watch your diet

According to experts, what you eat is what you smell. If you eat a lot of meats, eggs and fish, chances are, your sweat will smell too. Eat more fruits and vegetables, drink more water and green tea to get rid of body odor.

Take a bath everyday

Do so even if you feel cold. Bathing allows you to cleanse your skin thoroughly and remove bacteria that cause body odor.

Use mild-scented perfume

Donít go for strong perfumes. Their fragrance might last longer, but they can be very offensive to the nose. Use ones that have fruity notes to keep you smelling fresh and sweet all day.

Wash your clothes well

Pay attention to your clothes, too. Use fragrant, anti-bacterial soap, a small amount of bleach and fabric conditioner to keep them smelling fresh and clean all day long.

Avoid spicy foods

Spicy foods like chili pepper, onions and garlic cause you to sweat even more. Plus, they leave their telling smells in the mouth.
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Smell good all the time
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