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How to sleep better?

Sleep is our body's natural way to refresh itself. The lack of it is linked to many physical, mental and emotional issues. Know how to sleep better by reading the tips provided below.

Use the bed for sex and sleeping purposes only

Donít watch TV or surf the net when you are already in bed. This will allow your mind to associate the bed only with sleep and sex. If you really find it hard to sleep, just read a book.

No more fluids after 8

Drinking water and juices after 8pm might cause you to wake up to urinate.

Don't eat heavy meals

Heavy meals taken just before bedtime are not only fattening, they keep you awake, too. It's because your stomach and intestines have to work overtime just to process a huge amount of food. This might cause you to awaken when your stomach aches.

Drink coffee 4-6 hours before bedtime

That is, if you just can't get rid of the coffee habit. Remember that caffeine is also a potent stimulant, just like nicotine.

Choose the right type of exercise

Opt for cooling down exercises over aerobics or similar exercise routines. The latter stimulates the body, causing you to be active long after your bedtime.

Hit the bed at the same time every night

Do this no matter how awesome a late night show is. Doing so will train your body and mind to sleep at that particular time.

Limit your naptime

Even if you slept late last nights, limit your nap to only about 30 minutes. Sleeping a lot during the day will cause you to stay active and restless at night.

Make your bedroom conducive to sleeping

Replace heavy drapes with lacy curtains to allow fresh air in. Use muted paint colors and dim lights to relax you. Use an electric fan or air conditioner to lower your body temperature. Play soft music to soothe you even more.

Drink milk before bedtime

Yes, your mom was right, after all. Drinking milk just before you hit the bed can make you sleep tighter. Studies reveal that milk contains a substance which helps the body sleep.

Say no to nicotine

Nicotine is a very powerful stimulant which can keep you awake much longer. If you really need to smoke, do it a few hours before going to bed. Besides, the telling smell of cigarettes lingers on your bedroom. Better yet, just quit smoking.
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