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How to shoot an air rifle?

Air rifles are fun to use and easy to fire. Shooting pellets from an air rifle can be a thrilling experience, especially when you hit the bulls-eye. Listed below are some useful tips on how to aim and shoot an air rifle.

Select an air rifle that suits you perfectly

The length and weight of the air rifle are absolutely important factors. You should be capable of holding it comfortably at an exact angle of ninety degrees to your body without having to lean on anything for support. In simple words, you should be able to hold the air rifle parallel to the floor without any difficulty.

Rule #1 to remember when using an air rifle

Always assume that your air rifle is loaded, even when youíre absolutely sure that it isnít. Never point your air rifle at any person.

Set the sight of your air rifle

If your air rifle is of the break barrel type, break the barrel slightly. This should enable you to look down the barrel. Now, look down the barrel and take aim at a target. Set the sight by aligning it with the target.

Tuck the stock of your air rifle into your right shoulder

This is undoubtedly the most comfortable position to hold your air rifle. Usually, air rifles are designed for right-handers. Left-handers should buy specially made left-handed air rifles for better comfort.

Always keep your dominant hand on the grip of the air rifle

Donít place your finger on the trigger now.

Hold the body of the air rifle

With your other hand, hold the body of the air rifle steadily. Donít touch the barrel.

Stand side-on to the target & hold rifle across your body

Tilt your head slightly to sight the target. This is extremely comfortable.

Fix the Sight on your target

Read your air rifleís instructions and understand how to use its sight. Usually, there is a small, cut piece of metal at your end, and a distinct vertical stick (often inside a ring) at the edge of the barrel. Lining this type of sight is easy and convenient. Line the sight of the air rifle up such that your target is in line with both the vertical stick at the edge of the barrel and the cut piece of metal at your end of the air rifle. In simpler terms, align the cut piece of metal (back end), vertical stick at the edge of the barrel (front end), and Target in one straight line.

Take a deep breath

The air rifle will rise slightly. Then, exhale slowly. As your air rifle is lowered slightly, the sight will settle exactly onto your target. Remain absolutely still and align your sight to the bulls-eye. Squeeze the trigger gently.

Make a note of exact spot where the pellet hit the target

Air rifle sights are seldom perfect. Hence, you may have to adjust the sight of your air rifle several times before it is absolutely perfect.

After adjusting the sight, keep practicing

Determine how far you need to pull the trigger of your air gun for it to fire, and make an optimum use of the edge. This is beneficial because you donít disturb your aim if you donít move your trigger much. Hold your trigger at a point just before it fires. Make a tiny move to fire the next pellet. Keep practicing to perfect your aim.

Know where to get CO2

A great number of air riffles have a separate canister. This is important especially when you have an old one.

Always remember to put your safety first

You need to keep in mind that safety should always come in first. You have to understand that it is possible that children might play with the air riffle
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