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How to set up a website?

Would you like to set up your own website but just donít know how? Get some valuable advice from our community of web designers and developers.

Determine the design thatís appropriate for you

Employ a pre-designed website template if youíre satisfied with the design. You can find innumerable website templates on the internet. Theyíre either priced competitively or available free of cost. The pre-designed template comes with in-built codes that you can modify to suit your specific design and needs. Wix is the best among dozens of pre-designed website template dealers.

Donít tax the visitor with flashy graphics

Patterned backgrounds, bright colors, flash animation, and cheap music were attractive features that lured visitors to websites two decades ago. However, todayís web-savvy users are put off by these cheap gimmicks. If you employ any of these features in your website, your visitors will scamper for cover instantaneously. Adhere to uncomplicated backgrounds that enhance the text and deliver maximum readability.

Design your own website

If you donít have any previous experience in web design and coding, but are interested in developing a website all by yourself, thereíre several options available to you. You can learn primary CSS coding and basic html. You can proceed to build your unique website. Ensure that it looks professional and well-designed instead of looking cheap and gaudy.

Streamline your webpage

When setting up a website, ensure that visitors can access every page as swiftly and as easily as possible. Take care to minimize the number of options or clicks that a visitor encounters when navigating inside your website.

Maximize readability

The most important attribute of your website is its readability. Break the text into smaller sections. Employ appropriate spacing and subheadings to distinguish one section from another. Utilize bold or distinct fonts to indicate the importance of the topics.

Register your domain name

Think of a good name for your website, for example "", or names and see if their available at one of plenty registrar websites.

Utilize the services of a professional designer

A professional website designer is your best bet for setting up a website thatís devoid of glitches and flaws. Hiring a professional designer doesnít have to be an expensive affair always. Thereíre website designers who can do extremely good jobs for relatively low prices. You can engage their services through freelancing websites.

Test your website

You cannot forget about your website once you finish setting it up. You must ensure that every link in your website operates to your satisfaction. Have people using your website test the ease of use, quality of content, accuracy of data, and clarity of design.

It is suggested that you hire a good freelance web designer

I have made my website through the help of a good freelance web designer. If you are in good relations with a freelance web designer, you can even have a lifetime deal for $1,000.

Avoid plagiarism and donít break any copyright law

When setting up a website, avoid using any images or structural elements copied from the web without prior permission and consent. Ensure that all content on your website is legal and ethical.

Adopt high-quality user interface design

Place the diverse elements of your website, such as the logos, sidebars, title, text, and graphics, in identical places on each page. This ensures that your website is more intuitive and navigable. Use the relevant logic in your website design.

Use a blogging service

You can use it for many types of websites, not just a blog.

You can also opt for a web design and development studio

Reputable web design and development studios can help you in providing the best site for your needs.

Know what the website is all about

It is not enough that you have a website. It needs to have a sense of direction where to go.

Decide which content management system you want to use

There are plenty open-source (free) solutions, as well as commercial products.
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