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How to set rules for children?

Family rules keep children in check. These will give them an idea as to how to behave in certain conditions in specific areas of the home. How to set rules so that kids can understand them well? Read on to find out.

Brainstorm the would-be rules with your kids

As parents, you already have an idea of what will work inside your house. However, asking for the opinion of your kids will not only make them feel important - you’ll make willing followers out of them, too.

Set a good example

Family rules should apply to all members of the family and that includes you. If a rule states, “Speak in an indoor voice when you are indoors”, do so. No excuses.

Make a clear and concise list of rules

This way, they will understand the rules easier. “Put your dirty clothes in the laundry” is easier to grasp than “Segregate the clean clothes from the dirty clothes and put them in the laundry”.

Encourage and support your children into obedience

Teach your children about the value of positive and negative consequences. Reward them with a smile, a nod of approval or a treat to their favorite restaurant when they follow the rules even without your supervision. On the other hand, use negative consequences like removing their TV time or doing extra chores for disobedience. Make sure that the consequences are appropriate for their actions.

Create a poster and put it in a highly visible area

Let your kids help you create a beautiful poster for your list of rules and put it in the most frequented area in your home - the kitchen, the front door or the living room. These simple actions serve two purposes - your kids will find pleasure in seeing their artwork while the written rules will settle deep into their minds.
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Set rules for children
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