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How to sell a car?

Selling a used car is not difficult at all. You have to ensure that your car is in good condition by attending to all minor repairs. Listed below are some useful tips thatíll help you in selling your car.

Prepare your car for selling it

Wash the carís exterior using a soft cloth and car-washing liquid. Use a shiner or car wax and make the carís exterior absolutely shiny. Vacuum the interior of your car. Wipe the carís door panels, speakers, seat adjusting handles, dashboard, etc.

Quote a price thatís slightly higher than what you expect

If you donít want to sell your car immediately and if you are confident about the demand for the model of your car, wait for your price. Determine the accurate value of your car by consulting sources like Kelly Blue Book, Edmunds, or DriverSide.

Advertise in the local newspaper and online sites

In many countries, advertisements for selling used cars donít cost anything. In your advertisement, include Price expected, Model, Specification, Color, Service history, Insurance, Tax, and Mileage. For online advertisements, include several nice photographs. is the best online advertising option for used cars.

Know your car

Only if you know your car well, youíll be able to answer all the questions of a potential buyer confidently.

Do your sales-pitch with potential buyers

Explain to the potential buyer the true reason for selling your car. Talk about all the positive aspects of your car. Donít fail to mention about the excellent condition of your car.

Beware of a buyer wishing to test drive your car alone

Be extremely alert of a potential buyer who insists on test driving your car alone. There have been many instances when such buyers have disappeared into thin air Ė with the car.

Seal the deal

When someone agrees to buy your car, prepare a Bill of Sale for the buyer to sign. A ĎBill of Saleí can be obtained online from numerous websites by providing some essential information. Most websites do not permit you to copy paste or print the ĎBill of saleí.

Prepare a Bill of Sale and get the buyer to sign it

Using the Print Screen option, you can copy the Bill of Sale and print it. Get the buyer to sign the ďBill of SaleĒ. Fill out the details of the title clearly. Sign the title only after the check is cleared and the money has been credited to your account.

Hand the keys of the car

Hand the keys of your car to the buyer only after the money has been credited to your account.
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