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How to reduce anxiety?

Anxiety, or the state of being excited or nervous, is a natural human reaction against a perceived threat. It only becomes an issue when it exceeds beyond what is thought of as normal. How to reduce it? Read on and find out.

Cultivate the right mental and physical habits

All of us experience anxiety in our day-to-day life. Sometimes, these feelings of fear and concern may be entirely unfounded. Even when thereís a valid reason for feeling anxious, you should calm down and live joyfully in the present moment. You should learn to deal with the source of anxiety and never let anxiety linger after the cause of your anxiety fades into oblivion. Besides, if you learn to reduce anxiety, youíll prevent anxiety from taking the zest and happiness out of your life. Making an effort to cultivate the right mental and physical habits enhances your chances of reducing anxiety.

To reduce anxiety, confront sources of anxiety

Most often, anxiety arises from a feeling of helplessness or a feeling of being overwhelmed when faced with the prospect of having to complete several things within a short time. However, when each of these tasks is split individually, itís much simpler to handle them. Itís only when all these tasks are bundled together that they become an anxiety-inducing burden.

Complete minor annoying tasks first

When you finish tasks that are a source of annoyance, youíll be able to reduce your anxiety level significantly. For instance, paying your bills, filing your tax returns, registering for courses, keeping your appointments with doctors, are some minor tasks thatíll become great sources of anxiety when you donít tackle them well ahead of their due dates.

Avoid eating and drinking items that increase anxiety

There are various harmful foods and drinks that induce anxiety. Restricting them or avoiding them altogether is one of the most effective methods of reducing anxiety. For instance, you can restrict starchy and sugary foods, drink fewer beverages that contain caffeine, and avoid alcohol completely.

Restrict time spent thinking about major sources of anxiety

Make a conscious attempt to restrict the time you spend in thinking about your major sources of anxiety. Remember that you canít change a situation by obsessively worrying about it. Instead, utilizing your time in thinking of something else reduces anxiety considerably. Likewise, you could take a walk or watch your favorite show on television.

Exercise regularly to reduce anxiety

Best if done outside, jogging can work miracles. Extensive research has proved the beneficial effects of exercise in reducing anxiety. A physical workout enhances your blood circulation and releases the happiness hormones (endorphins) directly into your bloodstream. Incorporate weight training exercises, strengthening exercises, and cardio exercises into your exercise regimen.

Change the manner you think about uncontrollable events

Financial problems, sickness, relationship issues, or other sources of anxiety cannot be fixed swiftly. However, thinking about them in a different manner helps in reducing anxiety and fear they evoke.

Try your best to improve an anxiety causing situation

For instance, you can consult a financial counselor to resolve your financial difficulties. You can spend your leisure time in helping your family member who isnít well. You can speak to your spouse about opting for marriage counseling.

See if you can address the cause

Perhaps you are getting impatient when waiting for someone. Or maybe you're supposed to be working on your paper while you are actually watching TV? Maybe you are worried about something?

See what could be the reason behind your getting anxious, and how you can work it out. As soon as you start actively finding a solution, your anxiety level should start going down.


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Try to think and talk less using words like SHOULD or MUST. Imagine waiting for a friend who is running late. Rather than getting angry and anxious: "He should be here already!", you may say to yourself something like this: "It's a shame he is not here already".

Change situations that seem to be beyond your control

When you approach a hopeless situation from a different angle, youíll be able to change it or at least reduce its detrimental consequences. For instance, if youíre dreading a deadline thatís coming up at the end of the week, make a conscious effort right from Monday or Tuesday to ensure that you can complete the assignment one day before itís due. When you handle your assignment in this manner, youíll reduce the anxiety that it can potentially cause.

To reduce anxiety, train your mind

Try meditation. If youíre serious about reducing anxiety, just meditating for a few minutes reduces anxiety appreciably. Play a guided meditation CD or enroll for a meditation class. The person demonstrating the meditation will guide you in relaxing your mind and attaining a state of calmness whenever your mind begins to race.

Breathe deeply and slowly

Stop for a moment, listen to your body

Try to figure out why you are getting anxious.
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