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How to quit smoking?

Smoking is a bad habit that has been linked to fatal deaths not only for the smokers but also for those who inhale their secondhand smoke. If you really want to quit smoking, you can satisfy your oral cravings with different things, stay away from stress and learn to rechannel your frustrations.

Be positive that you’ll successfully quit smoking

After you’ve spent quite some time making plans on how to quit smoking, you need to be positive and believe that you’ll quit smoking successfully. This is the first small step you’ll take in attaining this seemingly impossible task. You must use goal attainment techniques and frequent milestone rewards to stay dedicated and focused.

Develop a strong inner determination

This is easily the best attribute you must have if you’re serious about quitting smoking. Making a list of the diverse reasons for quitting will motivate you and further strength your resolve. Particular, present, emotion-based reasons are several times better than mere factual or future-based reasons.

Give yourself rewards whenever you reach important milestone

This will motivate you to continue persevering until you quit smoking completely. Reward yourself when you reach important milestones like 1 week, 1 fortnight, 1 month, 3 months, etc. For instance, if you were smoking three packs a week when you quit smoking, reward yourself the amount you saved at the end of each week.

Select a specific quit date

Instead of quitting on your birthday or the New Year, try quitting on a Sunday! Not just any Sunday – but every Sunday. This will give you 52 opportunities in a year. This offers a higher possibility of you succeeding in your endeavor to quit smoking.

Remove all products associated with your smoking habit

Remove all related products like cigarettes, matches, and lighters from your office and home. Retaining even a pack of cigarettes is a great temptation to re-start smoking.

Learn how to rechannel frustrations

People who are frustrated would typically smoke. It is important to learn how to rechannel your energy to something that is more productive.

Satisfy the oral cravings with different things

Why not stick with a gum to satisfy oral fixation? This is an effective thing especially when smoking is actually a problem that is resulted by an oral fixation problem.

Research some facts about the future of smokers

Do a Google search about the history of smoking and what actually happens to smokers late in their lives. This simple research about smoking and smokers will enlighten you about the gruesome medical reasons you must quit smoking. Ascertain the facts about the various quit-smoking products and techniques.

Find an effective medication to help you kick this habit

The best available option is nicotine replacement therapy. Nicotine patches steadily release a stream of nicotine directly into your bloodstream via your skin. Nicotine gum supplies nicotine via the lining of your mouth. Nicotine sprays and inhalers are the other types of nicotine replacement therapy. You can ask your doctor for prescription medications to overcome your habit.

Survive the first week

You must use cigarette substitutes like coffee stirrers, sunflower seeds, mints, and toothpicks to acclimatize you to the new situation. If you’re able to survive the first week without experiencing any discomfort, you should be able to quit smoking permanently.

You can check the rehab centers

The rehab center will provide you with the help that you are looking for. In fact, it can give you with a number of tips.

Have your problem psychoanalyzed

You want to make sure that you have the problem psychoanalyzed in order to know the right solution to such.

Stay away from stress

People sometimes smoke when they are stressed. If you can stay away from stressful situations, this is a good thing

Use nicotine patches

Nicotine patches can help your body taper the cravings. You want these things to be used in order to decrease the addiction towards smoking.

Change your brand as your quit date approaches

Changing the brand of cigarette you smoke just before your “quit date” increases your chances of attaining your objective. The subtle difference in chemicals and flavors in diverse brands makes smoking a bit more difficult, but not intolerable. Additionally, switching brands helps you become more aware of your “habit”.
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