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How to publish your Amazon Kindle e-book?

The Amazon Kindle platform presents new authors, internet marketers, and publishers an extremely simple and lucrative method of making money online.

Amazon Kindle Platform: A boon for self-publishers

The astounding rise of e-books offers you a genuine possibility of making money online. The advantages of publishing your Amazon Kindle e-book are that it isn’t mandatory for you to be a reputed author, or hunt for a publishing company that’s willing to publish your book, or even be talented enough to write books.

Amazon has simplified the process of making money online

Anyone, literally anyone, can publish e-books using Amazon Kindle and begin making money online instantaneously. The entire process of publishing e-books is exceedingly simple.

Open a Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) account

Your free KDP account permits you to include a new book in your virtual bookshelf swiftly. Proceed by entering the title of your new book, description, and author name; uploading an appealing cover page and the e-book file; choosing the book price; and finally hitting the “Publish” button. KDP reviews your book in under 24 hours and publishes it. People around the world can purchase your e-book on Amazon.

Amazon does the marketing for your new e-book

Once you publish your e-book, Amazon will take care of the marketing aspect. Amazon promotes your book, hosts it online, and delivers it to the buyers. You will receive either 35% or 70% royalty for each sale, depending on the price-point you opt for.

Find the most profitable niche for your e-book

The niche or market your e-book belongs to determines its success. Some of your book ideas may not have a sufficiently large market. In the same vein, several of your book ideas may have a big market. Nevertheless, the market may be intensely competitive, and it’d be difficult for your book to stand out.
Hence, the secret lies in finding a Profitable niche that has a reasonable-sized market, while having modest competition.

Research potential book ideas

You may be a mediocre writer with zero cover-design knowledge. It doesn’t hurt your quest for publishing your Amazon Kindle e-book in any manner. Nevertheless, you’ll need superlative research skills to prepare a financially viable set of potential book ideas. Search Amazon and Ezine Articles for potential Kindle e-book ideas.

Other methods of brainstorming e-book ideas

• Check out local bookstores, identify markets that are popular, and prepare a list.
• Contemplate your personal life and identify challenges or problems you’ve overcome successfully that other people may be facing currently. Add to your list.
• Contemplate the personal lives of your closest friends, family members, and neighbors. Pinpoint the tricky challenges they’ve conquered and add them to your list.
• If fiction appeals to you, prepare a list of fiction ideas.
Use the large market, low competition formula to filter out impractical e-book ideas.

Assess the profitability of your list of ideas

Before publishing your Amazon Kindle e-book, you must check the demand on Amazon for your intended book idea. Many people commit the blunder of creating a Kindle e-book without bothering about conducting a thorough market research. You may publish your Kindle e-book hastily. It’s rather uncomplicated. Later, to your chagrin, you’ll find that your book generates negligible sales because of non-existent market for it.

Check the demand for your e-book idea

Use the search bar on When you research, alter the selection to “Kindle Store” from the default “All”. Changing this selection delivers accurate results. You’ll get results of only Kindle e-books and not of all publications on Amazon.

Amazon gives you the in-demand e-book title suggestions

When you type your book idea in the search bar, you’ll get several suggestions. For instance, when you type “Single Parenting”, you get the suggestions, “Single parenting boys”, “Single parenting that works”, and “single parenting books”.
These three keyword suggestions or e-book title suggestions indicate that people are “Keying In” these words on Amazon.

Evaluate the Competition for your chosen niche or keyword

You can see that 674 e-books have already been published in the “Single Parenting” niche on Amazon Kindle.
This is moderate competition because you have 11,565 e-books for “Weight Loss”, 8529 e-books for Jesus Christ, 7358 e-books for “Divorce”, 5939 e-books for “Higher Education”, 4407 e-books for “Time Management”, 5213 e-books for childbirth, 5504 e-books for “Make Money”, 3030 e-books for Holy Spirit, 2489 e-books for “Make Money Online”, and 1945 e-books for “Old Age”.

Narrow down your e-book title search

Let’s assume that you’re interested in writing an e-book in the “Single Parenting” niche. You can narrow the list down from the current 674 e-books in this niche.

Use different keywords in the search bar

When you do this, you’ll find there’re just 136 e-books for “Single Parenting Mothers”, 84 e-books for “Single Parenting Fathers”, 25 e-books for “Single Parenting boys”, 16 e-books for “Single Parenting problems”, 15 e-books for “Single Parenting Finance”, and 9 e-books for “Single Parenting that works”.

Tapering down the list makes e-book title selection simpler

Since there are just 136 e-books in the “Single Parenting Mothers” niche, it’s relatively easy for you to rank your e-book higher in the Amazon Kindle search for this specific niche. You can possibly get to top of the list in the niche/keyword “Single Parenting Mothers”. Your e-book will be displayed to thousands of potential buyers who’re searching for the keyword “Single Parenting Mothers”. It’d definitely generate plenty of sales.
On the contrary, if your e-book does not appear in the “Single Parenting Mothers” search results, your e-book will not generate higher sales because people will have difficulty in locating it easily.

Other criteria for evaluating the competition of a niche

The number of e-book results isn’t the sole criteria for the precise evaluation of the competition within a niche. You must evaluate the quality of the e-books that are ranked favorably in the list. Assess the prospects of your e-book overtaking them in their ranking.

Attributes to check in e-books that are rated at the top

Look at the cover of the e-books, the titles, the price-points, the descriptions, the number of reviews, and their Amazon bestseller rank. Check the overall quality of the e-books that are rated at the top of your chosen niche. If all the top e-books in your chosen niche/keyword have a high number of reviews (more than 20), then it’d be challenging to out-rank them. Nevertheless, if you’re confident of producing a bestseller with compelling content, there’s no reason you should shy away from going ahead and writing a masterpiece.

The ideal scenario for publishing your Kindle e-book

In the Single Parenting Mothers niche/keyword, there are currently 136 Kindle e-books. Among the 5 e-books that are ranked at the top, the e-book ranked 1st has zero customer reviews, the e-book ranked 2nd has 7 customer reviews, the e-book ranked 3rd has zero customers reviews, the e-book ranked 4th has 7 customer reviews, and the e-book ranked 5th has 10 customer reviews.
The e-books ranked lower down have higher number of favorable customer reviews. Nevertheless, you can break into the top 5 for this category if you produce a good quality e-book.
Since the e-books ranked in the Top 20 for this niche aren’t yet well-established, you can easily out-rank the existing competition if you produce a compelling e-book, market your Kindle e-book the right way, and succeed in getting more 5-star reviews. Remember, you’ll get favorable reviews only if you come out with an e-book that’s genuinely good.

Use the most recent software for your Kindle e-book research

For speeding up your research about the most suitable Kindle e-book niche/keyword, you can use KD Suite or Kindle Samurai. They are priced below $100 and complete the keyword research swiftly and accurately. You can opt for AK Elite if you work on a Mac.

Create a compelling e-book title

After you’ve selected the niche/keyword for your Kindle e-book, you must create a compelling title. Ensure that your keyword fits in your e-book title appropriately. This will help in the favorable ranking of your Kindle e-book after it’s released. Some examples of the e-book titles for “Single Parenting Mothers” are:
1. The Ultimate Guide for Single Parenting Mothers
2. Guidebook for Single Parenting Mothers
3. Single Parenting Mothers & Children
4. Single Parenting Mothers - Proven Steps for Bringing up Your Children
5. Helpful Tips for Single Parenting Mothers
Make sure that your e-book title is unique, magnetic, descriptive, and grabs people’s attention.

Create an enticing cover for your e-book

If you’re proficient in Photoshop, you could fashion the cover for your e-book by yourself. Otherwise, you can outsource this red-letter assignment to a specialist. The cheapest option is undoubtedly employing the $5 services of freelancers on Fiverr. You can select from scores of freelancers answering the search query “Kindle cover” on Fiverr. Pick a freelancer who’s got an impressive portfolio and superlative feedback.
If you’re publishing a high-priced e-book, you can hire someone from WarriorForum or KillerCovers for designing a top-notch cover for your e-book.

Write Your Kindle E-Book

If you enjoy writing, this should be the easiest part in the entire publishing your Amazon Kindle e-book experience. It’s much simpler than you think because if your e-book is low-priced, the number of pages will be 30-50. An e-book of this size can be written in less than a week.
In non-fiction writing, readers aren’t unduly bothered by the length of your e-book. They’re solely concerned about the contents and will be overjoyed if you offer the right solutions for “Single Parenting Mothers”.
If you’re keen on fiction, you can write your novel or novella within a few months.

If you’re not an avid writer, hire a writer

If you aren’t a talented writer, don’t fret. You can still publish your Amazon Kindle e-book. If you’re unwilling to research about “Single Parenting Mothers” or not enthusiastic about it, you can hire a freelance writer for this work. WarriorForum, Elance, iWriter, and Odesk are the best places for hiring a writer to write your Kindle e-book.

Hire a freelance writer within your budget

You have the option of hiring freelance writers at three levels in these websites. An entry-level writer will ghostwrite your e-book of 5,000 words for around $50 to $75, an intermediate-level writer will ghostwrite your e-book of 5,000 words for around $100 to $150, and an elite writer will ghostwrite your e-book of 5,000 words for $300 to $500.
If you’re keen on publishing a bestseller, you must hire the services of an elite writer to ghostwrite your e-book.

Focus on writing a high-quality Kindle e-book

Creating a sub-standard Kindle e-book will damage your prospects of becoming a bestselling author permanently. A sub-standard work draws negative reviews and hurts your e-book sales. Hence, it’s worthwhile to ensure that your Kindle e-book beats the top sellers in your chosen niche/keyword on all counts ? cover design, cover title, compelling content, first-rate reviews, and Amazon Verified Purchase reviews. Only a first-rate e-book that’s proofread comprehensively can succeed on all these counts.

Format your e-book for Kindle

After the successful completion of your e-book, format it for Kindle. For Kindle e-reader suitability, your Kindle e-book requires special formatting before its publication. You’ll need to adhere to Amazon Kindle Formatting Guidelines even if you’re proficient in Microsoft Word or Pages.

Publish your Amazon Kindle e-book

Once the cover and contents of your e-book are ready, you can publish it on Amazon. Click on the “Bookshelf” option in your KDP Account. Next, click the “Add New Title” button and follow the instructions.
Fill in your e-book name, contributors, and description. Validate your rights to publish the e-book, add relevant keywords and categories for your e-book, and upload your e-book cover. Finally, upload your Kindle e-book document file. The entire process of publishing your Amazon Kindle e-book is fairly straightforward.

Write an imaginative & inspiring book description

Your Kindle e-book description must be awe-inspiring. Most Kindle e-books lack in this important attribute. Since potential buyers get to see your description, you must ensure that it’s perfectly relevant to the contents of your e-book.
Spend time and perfect your e-book description. If necessary, prepare several variants of your book description and select the best one. KDP permits a maximum of 4,000 characters (approximately 700 words) for your book description. Use this allocation wisely to convey maximum information about your e-book.
 (max 60)

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