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How to prioritize?

Learning how to prioritize your time is important in maintaining an organized lifestyle. Start by making a list of to-do’s, group them according to importance and decide about their urgency. Read on to get more tips.

Group tasks according to their importance, urgency & time

Based on your rankings for each task, place each one of them in the order of their priority. The correct order of your list will be: Pick up children from the school, Pick up dry-cleaning, Pick up groceries, Go to the gym, Walk the dog, and Visit a friend.

Decide about the urgency of your tasks

The urgency of your tasks must be based upon looming deadlines. You must always defer tasks of low urgency and importance. In the above example, visiting a friend falls in this category.

Do the most important and urgent things first

Among the most important/urgent ones, pick those that require the least time/effort to do first.

Your list might look like this

• Pick up children from the school. H H S
• Walk the dog. M M M
• Visit a friend. L L L
• Go to the gym. M M M
• Pick up dry-cleaning. H H M
• Pick up groceries. H H L

Compare all the tasks in your list

Highlight the most immediate and pressing tasks that need the minimum amount of effort.

First and foremost, make a list of all your “to-do” tasks

When you have a lot of things to do and not sure about the order in which to do these tasks, just make a list of all the tasks. Your list need not be necessarily in the order of their priority.

List your tasks randomly; then, identify your priorities

It’s much easier to prioritize if you concentrate on one area at a time. Ideally, choose office work, house work, other errands, or visiting friends. List your tasks at random. Keep the number of things to-do to fewer than 12. Choose five or six things that are absolutely important to you.

Your list could read like this

• Pick up children from the school.
• Walk the dog.
• Visit a friend.
• Go to the gym.
• Pick up dry-cleaning.
• Pick up groceries.

Against each task, mark its importance

You can use H for High priority, M for Medium priority, or L for Low Priority.

Next, mark the urgency of each of these tasks

Mark the urgency of all these tasks considering a looming deadline. Again, for ranking each task by its urgency, use H for High priority, M for Medium priority, or L for Low Priority.

Mark the amount of effort necessary to complete each task

Lastly, complete the amount of effort needed to finish each of these tasks. For ranking each task by the amount of effort needed, use L for long time, M for medium time, or S for short time.
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