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How to prevent gray hair?

The gray hair that you see in the mirror every single day may soon become a thing of the past. Read on and learn how to prevent gray hair.

Relieving your stress prevents gray hair

Modern-day city lifestyle generates tremendous amounts of stress on an everyday basis. The biggest reason for graying of your hairs is unabated stress. Ensure that you donít overstrain yourself. On the contrary, guard yourself against undue stress and relax adequately. Breathing in deeply through your nostrils and exhaling through your mouth several times reduces stress significantly. Likewise, squeezing stress balls with both your hands simultaneously is another proven stress-buster. You should squeeze the balls for several minutes to derive maximum benefit.

Stay mentally fit to prevent gray hair

Maintaining your mental fitness is equally important as maintaining your physical fitness. Solving crossword puzzles in the daily newspapers, working out number games like Sudoku, and playing chess are some wonderful ways of staying mentally fit. Besides, learning new things trains your brain to be sharp and agile. A simple activity like maneuvering from room to room in your house blindfolded enhances your mental fitness considerably. Likewise, switching hands when youíre performing simple tasks is another challenging way of keeping your brain sharp.

Incorporate healthy, nutritious foods into your daily diet

To prevent gray hair, you should incorporate green leafy vegetables, fruits, and lean proteins into your daily diet. Ensure that you consume three servings of diverse fruits and five servings of fresh vegetables every day. Vitamins A & B, iodine, zinc, iron, and copper are the other micro-nutrients that should be added as supplements in your daily diet. Eat a nutritious, generous breakfast. Since your breakfast forms the major component of energy supply for your body during the entire day, itís the most important meal of the day, undoubtedly.

Some supplements that are effective in preventing gray hair

He-Shou-We, a Chinese herb conventionally used to stop graying of hair, is an effective supplement to combat gray hair. Similarly, a buttermilk beverage made of 2 teaspoons of yeast, 2 teaspoons of wheat germ, and one glass of buttermilk, and mixed well is effective in preventing gray hair. You can garnish this buttermilk mixture with mint or fresh fruits.

Note down negative feelings; smile and laugh often

Write down negative feelings to eliminate avoidable sadness and anger. Smiling and laughing often enhances your overall mental well-being.


If you have this flower in your garden why not try, take the fresh leaves and the flowers bland with a little bit of water till it thick than apply on your hair and scalp for about 15 to 20 minutes. If possible do it 2 to 3 times a week

Exercise adequately

Target a minimum of 45 minutes per day of physical exercise, five times a week. Brisk walking, jumping rope, jogging, bicycling, swimming, running, or hula hooping are all fantastic ways of ensuring that you stay in great shape.
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