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How to overcome shyness?

Is your shyness ruining your chances for a better life? You can overcome shyness by controlling your anxiety, believing in yourself and focusing on your strengths.

Use visualization in enhancing your self-confidence

Close your eyes and imagine a situation or circumstance in which you are feeling shy. Now, enhance your self-confidence by visualizing yourself handling the situation comfortably. Do this for diverse situations and more often. This is an extremely effective method to overcome shyness.

Focus on your strengths, not weaknesses

Each of us is endowed with a special gift or trait. You must focus on what you can do, what you know, and what you have achieved, instead of fixating on how you dress, sound, or look. There are some aspects in the lives of even the most beautiful people which they don’t like. However, this doesn’t make them feel shy. Hence, there’s no specific reason why your “minor quirk” should make you feel shy.

Develop a friendly attitude, and a positive body language

Smile at people when you meet them for the first time, and make eye contact when you speak with them. A simple smile directed at a stranger results in brightening up your day and the stranger’s, as well.

Practice good posture, as well as, speaking clearly

When you stand tall, you give everyone the impression that you are receptive, self-confident, and self-assured. Speaking clearly prevents the potential embarrassment of having to say again what you said initially due to whispering, mumbling, or talking too quietly.

Get comfortable; build your self-confidence

Make a conscious effort of surrounding yourself with friends, relatives, and neighbors who tend to bring out the best qualities in you. Strive to build your self-confidence through the people around you. Later, this will lead to other circumstances being more comfortable.

Control your anxiety

Identify the exact cause/situation that makes you feel shy

You must identify whether learning something new, venturing into a different situation, being surrounded by many people, or facing a new audience makes you shy. Pinpoint the precise thoughts that race through your mind just before the wave of shyness hits you. You can ward off this wave of shyness by filling your mind with these thoughts: “I can handle this”, “I am confident”, “I have something to speak”, “I know what to speak”, etc.

You cannot overcome shyness overnight

You must know that it is impossible for anyone to overcome shyness within a few weeks or months. On the contrary, it takes a strong desire to change, time, and effort to overcome shyness.

Make new friends

Speak to a new person with whom you normally wouldn’t think of starting a conversation. Find new friends who have similar hobbies or interests as you have. Take the initiative to begin conversations with your new-found friends. This is an extremely effective method of overcoming shyness.

Believe in yourself

Everyone has something good and positive.

Try to be comfortable wherever and whatever you do

Make sure you look good

Maintain a close bond with friends

This will help you to overcome shyness swiftly. Additionally, your friends will be there with you as you break out of your shell. Your friends will encourage and motivate you to overcome shyness.

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