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How to overcome fear of flying?

Are you aero-phobic (afraid of flying)? Are you interested in traveling to diverse nations, but unable to overcome the fear of flying? Listed below are some valuable tips thatíll help you to overcome the fear of flying.

Understand what to expect

Most often, being scared is rooted in not understanding whatíll happen next. During a flight, you may wonder as to why the plane is going so fast, or the reason for your ears feeling funny. Besides, you might become extremely apprehensive when the plane hits turbulence. Usually, when youíre presented with an unusual situation, your foremost instinct is to presume the worst. The only method of minimizing and overcoming your fear of flying is by learning everything related to flying. Just think of the innumerable times famous people travel on planes and reach their destinations safely.

Learn to accept that all situations arenít in your control

Fear concerns worrying, anticipating, and desiring to control the future. The moment you become comfortable with the perception that you canít control every situation, flying will cease to be a threat.

Know the facts

The statistics with regard to passenger flights is on your side. Research has shown that itís over 250 times safer to travel from one major city to another by a passenger aircraft, when compared to traveling the same distance by car. However, if this rational method of analysis doesnít soothe your nerves, reading further will address your irrational fear of flying.

Fly often

If you fly once every few years, it is unsurprising you will feel anxious about the trip. On the other hand, if you fly often rather than trying to take a train, bus, or car, you will likely to get used to it. Even get bored with it.

Talk to someone

Make sure you are well prepared for the trip

Especially the longer ones. Remember to move during flight, get plenty of water. Take lip moisturizer if you r lips get dry. Take earplugs and eye shades to help you fall asleep.

To overcome fear of flying, play flight simulator

Flight simulator, a realistic game that simulates airplane flight, is an effective means to overcome the fear of flying. Buy an advanced version of this game. Play this game frequently. Youíll realize that flying is tremendously casual.

Face your irrational fear head-on: Take flying lessons

Immersing yourself in a phobia is the most effective method of conquering it. Take flying lessons with a trained professional accompanying you. Under the able guidance of an expert instructor, youíll discover that the fear of flying can be overcome easily.

Listen to music, watch videos, read color magazines

Magazines, books, puzzles, MP3 player, or a portable DVD player are some things that you can bring with you on the plane. These will keep you adequately distracted from your fear of flying.

To overcome fear of flying, learn to control your thoughts

You should practice this when youíre not seated in a plane. Close your eyes tightly, sit on a chair, and presume youíre sitting in a plane. When youíre stricken by fear and begin to feel anxious, try to prevent your thought process from going out of control.
ē Try to meditate and listen to your breath
ē Count to 5,000
ē Recite the alphabets backwards
ē Think of something thatíll divert your mind

Keep anti-anxiety medication prescribed by a doctor at hand

Consult your doctor about your fear of flying and get some anti-anxiety medication. Never use alcohol or other drugs to overcome the fear of flying. If you resort to this form of solution, youíll end up worsening the situation.

Challenge yourself

Just like with anything in life, challenge yourself into doing something you fear.
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Overcome fear of flying
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