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How to organize a birthday party for a 12 year old kid?

Are you looking for ideas on how to organize a party for a twelve-year old? Well, planning for a tween can be quite tricky as he might be too old for a children’s party but too young for a teen get-together. Read on and find out how you can make your tween’s party a memorable one.

Throw a rockstar party

Let your tween and his/her friends dress up like their favorite rock artists. Have invitations designed as concert tickets. Set up a makeshift stage in your backyard, bring the Karaoke out and let them sing to their heart's content. Give decorative pins of different rock stars as souvenirs. Skip the cake and the ice cream - your tween might find it too corny.

Bowling, pizza and birthday cake of course

Plan a Luau pool party

Let the kids swim, sunbathe and play games in their best Hawaiian attire in your swimming pool. You can also rent one if you don't have your own.Decorate the site with artificial coconut trees and pineapples. Print the invitations in sticker paper and attach them to small beach balls. Serve kebabs, mini-Hawaiian sandwiches and lots of fruits.Play Hula music and let the kids shake as they please.

Plan outdoor games

Here some of examples that i can think of: Sack Race, Treasure Hunt, Limbo, Water Gun or Musical Chairs Games...

Ask your tween what he/she wants

Don't assume that what you want is the best for your tween. Ask him/her what he/she prefers and try to give him his request as long as it's within your budget and won't compromise him/her or his/her friends.

You can hire a magician

Go watch a movie go to the pools

take 5 of your besties to watch a movie and then take another 5 to the pools in one day then have a slumber party with your 10 friends
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