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How to not get a traffic violation when driving abroad?

It is common for people to get traffic violations. What you want to avoid is to pay for a traffic violation when you are abroad.

Get a universal driver's license

When you have a universal driver's license, you already have the driving without license taken cared of. Of course, you will also be given a briefing about the different traffic rules that you will need to remember.

Know if it is left or right hand drive

There is a big difference as to how you will drive if you are on the right and if you are on the left side. Knowing this prior to your stay will guarantee that you don't get stressed out.

Learn how to follow traffic rules

There are some countries that will have slightly different traffic rules than where you came from. You have to understand and respect these things in order to avoid any sort of traffic violation.

Learn about the culture of their roads

In India for instance, you really do not expect people to be driving like how western countries drive. In Japan, you also do not expect them to be rude. These are some cultural differences that you want to consider in order to not get any sort of violation.

Do not be rude when driving

You have to make sure that you are on your best behavior when driving. You have to realize just how important manners can be when you are behind the wheel especially when you are in a foreign land.

Respect the traffic enforcers

You need to realize that being rude and being a foreigner can get you into trouble. You want to make sure that you are not doing anything that will offend the enforcers of the law.

Read something about the place

You need to be aware of the customs about a place. You want to make sure that you did your own research in order to have an idea what you will need to expect.

Know the law

There are instances when you can't have a woman inside the car if she is not your wife. Those are some of the strict rules that you will have to deal with in some parts of the world.
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Not get a traffic violation when driving abroad
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