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How to motivate people to make extra effort at work?

Motivation is what differentiates a common employee from a brilliant one. You can motivate your workers to make extra effort by knowing your team, setting the right example and presenting the benefits.

To motivate people, concentrate on the larger picture

Connecting a current activity with your eventual long-term vision is the most universal motivational trigger. For instance, when you launched your business, you’d have entertained hopes of building a better life for your family, helping people around you, or contributing to the society in some manner. This larger picture should galvanize you; not your everyday to-dos.

Apply the larger picture formula to motivate your team

Understand that slackened productivity is the direct result of the loss of connection between an activity and the reason for this specific activity. When there is a drop in motivation levels, you should remind your employees / team members / coworkers of the larger picture. This larger picture could be the mission statement of your enterprise, the short-term goal of your team, or the long-term vision of your organization.

Highlight the importance of process

Team members procrastinate tasks because they assume that there’s no harm in postponing them. Nevertheless, this grave error can result in a chain of negative events. Their seemingly inconsequential action can have a serious bearing on accomplishing long-term goals.

Execute all trivial tasks perfectly

In a process, all steps are important. To accomplish a larger goal, all events leading up to it should be executed perfectly. Entrench this truth firmly in the minds of the people working for you. This will motivate people to make an extra effort at work.

Eliminate redundant tasks altogether

Identify tasks that are unnecessary for the smooth functioning of the larger process of your organization. Do an extensive audit. Eliminating the needless cobwebs from all your procedures is the right fuel to motivate people to make an extra effort.

Pay extra attention to what motivates/excites them

Most often, the best motivation is derived from the concerned individuals themselves. When conversing with an individual, you should pay close attention to their words and their method of expressing these words. This provides subtle hints to what actually motivates them best. Consider these subtle words as an individual’s “Keywords”.

Use an individual’s Keywords as a motivational tool

An individual’s “keywords” are typically words or phrases that galvanize him/her. When these keywords are spoken in the right earnest, the individual will either sit up straight or lean forward attentively. Besides, when you speak to an individual using their “keywords”, their eyes widen and their voice becomes more pointed.
Hence, when you detect a higher energy behind certain words, you should latch on to them and employ them to motivate people to make an extra effort at work.

An example of identifying an individual’s “Keywords”

In a communication training program, one trainee was obviously cold to the proceedings. During the first break, the trainer approached him and requested him for his thoughts.
The trainee replied that even though the training session was good, he couldn’t see how it could help his enterprise move forward. The trainer noted that the trainee’s voice and gestures accentuated the words “move forward”.
The trainer spent the next minutes explaining to the trainee how this particular communication training would help his enterprise move forward and accomplish their long-term goals. After this, the trainee was extremely attentive to the remainder of the training program.

Use positive reinforcement

The best method of laying the groundwork for future motivation involves acknowledging and rewarding successes. When you motivate an individual to take up and complete a task, you must also acknowledge and appreciate that individual upon the successful completion of the task. Otherwise, that individual will be listless and uninterested when approached again for some other task.
Hence, recognition of past successes promotes future progress. Nevertheless, if you fail to acknowledge past successes of your people, they become bitter and defensive.

Pay close attention to the needs of your people

Your team members or employees should approach you for recharging their batteries. You should pay heed to their needs and avoid making them feel emotionally drained. Good leaders are a constant source of motivation for their people.

To motivate people to work harder, be a proactive coach

Guide your employees to acquire the right skills. This will help your people to be more productive. Provide extra guidance and coaching to new staff. Teach them their roles and responsibilities clearly. Explain to them how their everyday output impacts the goals of the enterprise. Turn their initial enthusiasm into full engagement. Set clear goals to your staff and coach them constantly.

Give positive feedback & suggest ways to improve

To motivate people to work more intently at their jobs, you should provide immediate feedback. Employees are gratified when they know that their work is valued. Therefore, you should encourage your employees when they complete a task satisfactorily. If they don’t complete a task satisfactorily, you should suggest ways that will result in their improvement.

To motivate people to work harder, lead by example

Role modeling, an unduly overlooked management skill, is a basic component of employee engagement. Leading by example gives rise to enthusiasm and motivates people to work harder. Most often, people who are pleased with their direct supervisors will not hesitate to walk the extra mile to promote their enterprise’s goals.

Build trust & communicate clearly

Employees who feel they are trusted and respected by their managers speak without fear of repercussions. Developing honest and open communication among all the people in your enterprise promotes overall job performance.

Create a positive & motivating workplace environment

To motivate people to make extra effort at work, you should promote a spirit of teamwork, camaraderie and cooperation in the workplace. Identify the multifarious talents of your people and work out how they can complement each other in executing different assignments. Appreciation of employee accomplishments, coupled with encouragement and feedback, results in enhanced commitment, confidence, and motivation for making extra effort at work.

Lead by example

To accomplish total engagement from their team members, managers should create a positive working environment by communicating clearly & leading by example.
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